How often do you still keep “some things” which are actually of no use to you?
That “red wala frock” when you were merely 4 years, that sweet little doll gifted by your Uncle, that mug in which you used to have milk, that notebook in which you got your first remark as “excellent”. Those hand created “greetings” those report cards for which you had to work “an extra hour” . Those news paper cuttings which made your parents proud.
And many more…. :d

While cleaning your wardrobe, you could find some and then you cherish them!!!
It’s not just the materialistic things which are remembered but the relations with which we were connected. :O

Keeping things safe and protected like notebook, cards, and mug , and cherishing those moments. I wonder could relations be kept in a locker and they remain same as they are!!!!

Ahhhhhh, I forgot relations come with an expiry date!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


vijay said...

no Chaks, i dont agree
relations dont cum wid an expiry date.

try 2 4get someone & C .


Urv said...

Kaash.. Only if emotions too came with an expiry date as that of relations..

I too find it difficult to throw away things.. And you changed the template eh.. Cool :D :D

Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

Hey Chaks....I deny to the last line....thrz no expiry dates to the relations else they are just not meant to be relations!!!

And this is a sweet post....I am glad I have almost everything to remind me of such b'ful relationn except for the frock & notebook with excellent :-P

Manasa said...

I still have those paper made greeting cards and many hand-made gifts.. But the ppl who gave them aren't around.. In some cases, I believe it comes with an expiry date.

Vinz aka Vinu said...

Relations never come with expiry date... Its just 'us' who dont keepit fresh..!!

yeah, once it is not taken care, it gets expired..!!


niceguy251 said...


Memories always bring alive happy as well as sad moments and such articles are sure to do the trick. Relations with exiry date? If you mean life expectancy, it is so but otherwise it just depends on you if you want short term relation for selfish motive or long term for happiness.

Take care

vishesh said...

they don't come with an expiry date.

Anonymous said...


dnt tell me relations come with an expiry date... i dnt wanna knw that :) though i knw...they do :)

Anonymous said...

NICe post...those things and memories are priceless and without expiry date...and relations indeed have expiry date

Reema said...

I have so many things of that sort! And some relations never expire!!

Iceman said...

err... no relations... [:P]

outta sight is outta mind... but mom has still kept my first set of clothes... and says shes gonna make my kids wear that... lol

Keshi said...

Good post girl :)

Everything has an expiry date...except Memories.


~mE said...

i used to collect things too..even gift wraps...Flowers...i would hang them upside down :D
but at somepoint it got so much that i had to invade into my dads wardrobe and one fine day he threw it all :D I was away studying and when i came home one day it was all clean and gone :)

Everything has an expiry date..including relations and emotions..:) What has started has to end..thats natures rule no :)

Happy dashami

Ankur said...

last line said it all.. everything expires in this world!!! :)

and i dont have any faith to keep now!!! :)

Cheers!! !

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