Live In Relation

Heard This!!!
"In a pathbreaking step towards “legalising” live-in relationships, the Maharashtra Cabinet on Wednesday approved a proposal suggesting "
I’m sure it’s hard to be digested by our “conservative” Indian society.

  • Would MNS agree to it?
  • Some social organizations will now have something new to protest on…
Making a law and implying it does not solve the problem in India. It’s the society who needs to accept it. Still, the live-in couple fight for house, as house owners are just reluctant to see them as tenants in there society /house. They are still the hot topic of discussions in a society/ workplace.
Still many people in India gives that “SURPIRISED” look if you say you are in Live-in!!!
The expression conveys that –
What Never ever expected this from you!!!
Or damn how could you do it!!!

Yup, I agree they are in better condition then a female who works out all day, and gets beaten up his alcoholic husband. And don’t wanna leave him because “they are tied together”. Atleast people in live-in don’t face these situations, but if they are so comfortable in a relation why don’t they tie knot?

Status of wife, as of now the definition of wife in a common man mind is “
a girl and a boy when decides to get married and after performing rituals they are declared as husband –wife, pati-patni!!!!
But they say….

The committee had also mooted that the definition of the word ‘wife’ under Section 125 of the CrPc be amended to include a woman living with the man like his wife for a reasonably long period.

Are we really on the verge of losing our culture and traditions?

I’m not in favor/ against them and if they are happy together and not harming anyone Live Your Life they way you want!!!!

Your take?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Phoenix said...

if they are happy together and not harming anyone Live Your Life they way you want!!!!

How can "they" possibly harm anyone?

Reema said...

I really dont think its that a big deal. Our culture and traditions have more serious threats than a live in relationships. People just love to judge. Its their fave past time.

Southpaw unplugged said...

In a live-in relationship i dont see any reason for ammendment or even an intervention on the definition of a wife or a husband, the relationship iteself is based on mutual conscent so incases of things going wrong only the matters shud be prosecuted to the subject then rather than wasting time on the legalities of the relationship. Our country has lot of other issues to be taken care of especially in the social sector. And like u said, if u r happy the way you are, be that way and be happy.

Keshi said...

I totally agree with what Southy said! There's no need to go analysing these terms and r'ships when there's so many larger things to be looked at in India!

Besides, this is a personal issue between the man and the woman...its not for the System to decide or put definitions ard.


Vinz aka Vinu said...

in a modern society of independent working women and men, i feel this law can get better results..!!

but again, coming back to the will be very difficult to implement since a large chunk of population still worship in temple of marriage..

wait and watch..thats all..!!
i personally would love to have a live in relationship with my girl whom i am confortable with..but when it comes to my brother and sister, we become more the fact that whether the decision / person is right or not..!!



J said...

Hhmmm I heard about this although I think a country like India isn't quite ready for it yet.

I suppose more than the law, the society needs to open up first. I just hope this new law doesn't make things more complicated than what it is now.

Iceman said...

I am happy too... :P
but whats the use?

no one is ready to "live-in" with me..


niceguy251 said...


Read your last 2 posts now.
For Terror post : Yes, we overreact but as you know prevention is better than cure. But not going overboard like removing all dust bins. Intelligence agencies have to create a good reliable network of informants and police needs to be on toes with eyes ( including CCTVs ) open.

For this one : I agree with you regarding traditions but in recent times there are lots of changes due to more access to information, be it media, net or movies. Would you believe if I tell you that students of 9th onwards are more active in certain activities than what we may imagine. This is after I interacted with many of them while counselling. Law for live in has been framed to protect those girls who get duped by sweettalk by a man who promises security which means marriage once parents agree but wants live in relation till then. There are many instances where after having had a nice time such persons abandon poor girl. Think on their behalf.

Take care

PS : Have you stopped replying to comments?

Anonymous said...

LOL... It's one insane law after another! First the anti-smoking law and now this! This country will win the ignoble prize for the craziest laws ever made! :D

Manasa said...

Even marriages these days are more or less live-in. The husband neither spends a paisa if his wife is working. Husband spends for his stuffs n so does wifey.

Keshi said...

where r u Chakoli?


aaarti said...

:) well, am all for it!!! actually, the Govt has no role in this.. if two people wanna live in together , they should be able to!!! :)

CM-Chap said...

When the couple don't have problems why should you & me have qualms about it.

BTW..As a scorp I thought you would outwardly support the "Live in Relationship" :)

SaTaN said...

The Government has gone nuts, there are lots of basic problems in INDIA which it has look after but then its going after such kinda crap thing.

Now whats the point in making live-in relationship legal. Rite now I am in a livin relationship, so that I can understand my girl friend much better and we both can decide whether we can legalize our relationship (that is to marry). And here government is planning to legalize it before itself.

What if we both don’t get together, then also I have to pay alimony??? If they are bothered about bigamy then the rule should be specifically only directed towards married persons not on single guys.

What an irrational crap government we are having.

Homecoked said...

Yeah...each to his own,like you said. Hope you had a great Diwali, Chakoli :)

mazak said...

hi chakoli ... hope u r doing good ... to live-in or not to live in is secondary to live in peace whereever one might be living and that unfortunately is not the case with violence and intolerance raising their ugly heads everywhere... Maharastra govt. shud have put more effort in enforcing rule of law and other existing laws rather than coming up with new laws which everyone knows will be like white elephants....;)

Anonymous said...

hey i wrote similar post on my blog....

Here -->

Legalising live-ins wont help n govt interference here is not sought...

let that be left to individuals, i wud say to Mr Patil and Mr Deshmukh :)

Liked ur blog and u write well dil se....U mind me addin u up ?

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