Ban On Smoking!!!

Oct 2’ 08: No Smoking at Public Places!!!
Are you sure about the rule?

This is brilliant step taken up by law, and if it is implemented correctly, would be beneficial to all. But, I’m not sure if it would happen. Some hurdles:

  1. Public Places: Do anyone in India know the definition of “Public Place” ? While offices, pubs, restaurants are all considered to be ‘public space’, there is no clear system to bring the violators under scanner. I’m not sure and even didn’t have info about it but am it that “pan shops” are considered to be public places? Cyber Café, Beauty Parlor, Parking lot what are these?
  2. Many similar Regulation existing: This is one of the regulation applied so that it could be “beneficial” to public, but already we are struggling with so many other similar problems like traffic , eves teasing, sexual harassment and many more and in spite of having “ tough laws” it is not possible to catch the culprit
  3. Bribe: Another issue is “bribery” even if you are caught red handed, people instead of giving those thousands would “rafa-dafa” the case in hundreds.
  4. Smoking Zone: If we leave apart some “IT Companies” there are many small industries and firms who don’t have a canteen/ parking lot. To come out with “Smoking Zone” wouldn’t it be an expenditure to them?
  5. Common Man Thinking: Standing at a railway Station, a person is smoking. What would be your reaction? Should I report to police? Ahhhh Let it be… Who reports to police? Who would run to court? Better I change my place. Isn’t?
Some Suggestion:
  1. While implementing the law every firm/company should be given deadlines that by this time it should have a smoking zone before actually torturing common man.
  2. Banners and Notices should be placed in all cities citing the difference between smoking zone and No Smoking Zone.
  3. Common man could click photos of people smoking in public place and could show it to police and he could be fined then and there.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Reema said...

Asolutely correct!! I dont think it will be implemented the way it should precisely due to the reasons given by u.

Vinz aka Vinu said...

very true..but as far as i am aware oour minister had defined some places to be public like pubs, restaurants etc.. but he had given permission to smoke in parks where there is no crowd.. :)

whatever it is, his main enemy is, as you pointed, BRIBE...

he need to be strict this time..or else this one also will fade away in history like many other restrictions and ban's


Anonymous said...

something is better than least there is a BAN on the official books..
cant ask for more from the govt ...
But i guess u are will be hard to implement it practically..

~ ॐ ~ said...

righto !!!

Dilli has this ban for a long time !!! however its the enforcement that is lacking, and not really the rules or guidelines !!!

lets see how this one works !!!

Keshi said...

It takes a long time and alot of hard work for MENTALITIES to change. And ur doing a great job for India by putting up posts like this one Chakoli. Well done! Awareness is very imp.


maverick said...

the govt has defined public places in the notice that has been published

Manasa said...

no one will follow this.. there are many ppl who can't read or write.. forget abt them, even the educated ones behave like idiots...

Keshi said...

btw Chakoli ur tagged...I mean everyone who reads my blog is tagged in my current post. hv a look when u hv time. ;-)


Anonymous said...

They should have just increased the cost of a cigarette! :D

niceguy251 said...


You have summed it up very rightly. There are laws on littering, creating public nuisance, no loudspeakers after specific time at night ete etc leave aside about eve teasing, ticketless travel, pollution and all but how effectively are those enforced? I think only way is to raise public awareness agaist smoking or even chewing tobbaco. Documentries of live cases where people have suffered ill affects of this should be showcased frequently. Raising price of such products is another option but that may lead to spurious products. I had been a moderate smoker for about 7 years, gave up for almost 5 years, restarted for another 2 years and now it is more than 27 years after giving up finally. It was basically awareness of ill afftects which firmed up my resolution.

Take care

PS : Sorry it sounds like a long sermon with personal feelings.

Nirmal said...

i dont think this is a nice step taken by law makers..

ban on smokin in public places is only possible if they make smokin zone which i dont think they this will be a flop..according to me....

and if they cant regulate rules, they why are they makin new ones..

remember the rule of wearing a helmet???

vijay said...

serious problems need serious solutions.
if the will is there, anything can be achieved :)


Sri said...

I liked your 3rd suggestion...Since I am non smoker I feel this law is good, meanwhile worried if this ppl living without doing exercise will be punished??!!OMG!

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