A Troublesome Day

  • You are forced to open your eyes as just now you a caught by phenomenon of "batti gul" 
  • Rush to Bathroom and another surprise awaits you... NO WATER!
  • Thankfully milk was delivered and as you cut the pack and pour it... pungent and sour smell enlighten all your chakras..
  • As things get messy you think to use shortcut and instead of preparing whole lunch... just have some aloo paranthas with curd.
  • As cooker whistles each time you feel PROUD and WISE of your decision and time management
  • Finally , as you uncover cooker and pinch those hot potatoes ... another surprise awaits ... they are HARD as rock
  • Another brilliant idea sets you on fire to put them in grinder and finally what you get is potato di lassi 
Finally ... I spoke those golden words .....You better have your breakfast and lunch in canteen!!!

And then things were back into place :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


आँखों में सपनो का होना ...
कितना ज़रूरी है 

क्यूंकि जब सपने हकीकत में बदलते है..
उस बेंतेहा ख़ुशी की 
खनक बस "अपनी" होती है

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

A Confusing Day!!

Well... How can you avoid confusion?With so many choices around... OMG... Its HARD!!

  • Some work out or another 40 mins sleep
  • What to cook... paneer of lauki?
  • What to wear... pink or blue?
  • Flats or heel?
  • Which  one to drive ... TVS Wego or Audi( Wish I had the latter!!!) ;)
  • Which phone... Sony or Iphone?( I have None!!)
  • Whether to work or not?
  • Should I call him or it would sound despo!!
  • DJ or pajama party?
  • Alcohol or orange juice
  • Should I sleep or can spend some more time on Net..

Can't Life be bit EASY!! ;)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

The Palace OF Illusions – Book Review

Well, as soon I saw its cover.. first thing that I did was feel it. I thought those studs are actually over it. But that was more of the paper art I would say. The dark green colour some how makes you feel its about some mosque (well, that was my first thought) but as you read the one liner

“Divakaruni has given Draupadi a powerful voice”

I have to change my mind!!

So , yes its about Draupadi. I have always heard from others and even I do belive that “The great war of Kurushetra” was because of her. And if this book is on her… it would be good to know the other side of it.

Narration , language, content is all good. Line by Line… as we she narrates how she used to feel the story of her birth, the thirlling part of it, how she was named as Paanchali,  the aggression, the rebellious nature of her… the urge to make a mark… all this is something which will bind you to this book.

Her love to Krishna in those early days and Karna after even she got married is something which enlighten the reader. She was made to believe that she would leave her mark in history and people may remember her but not as a warrior or legend but as a reason for the war.

I would seriously recommend this book .I would be particularly interested to hear how someone who has no clue about the story of mahabharat found it. Is it thrilling,confusing, or just MAGICAL!!!

 Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Home :)

Its been a while that I posted something... No It wasn't my laziness but I was actually BUSY :)

Yes sometimes useless people also get BUSY!!!
  • Search For a new house
  • Then search for a Bank to approve your Loan
  • Then search for a carpenter to get your wood work done
  • Then search for packers and movers
  • Then search for a pundit ji to get your "grih pravesh" done
  • Search for train reservation to get your family visit your new place
  • After all this search a house turns to Home Sweet Home :)
Yes so now its livable. Home My Sweet Home :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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