The Palace OF Illusions – Book Review

Well, as soon I saw its cover.. first thing that I did was feel it. I thought those studs are actually over it. But that was more of the paper art I would say. The dark green colour some how makes you feel its about some mosque (well, that was my first thought) but as you read the one liner

“Divakaruni has given Draupadi a powerful voice”

I have to change my mind!!

So , yes its about Draupadi. I have always heard from others and even I do belive that “The great war of Kurushetra” was because of her. And if this book is on her… it would be good to know the other side of it.

Narration , language, content is all good. Line by Line… as we she narrates how she used to feel the story of her birth, the thirlling part of it, how she was named as Paanchali,  the aggression, the rebellious nature of her… the urge to make a mark… all this is something which will bind you to this book.

Her love to Krishna in those early days and Karna after even she got married is something which enlighten the reader. She was made to believe that she would leave her mark in history and people may remember her but not as a warrior or legend but as a reason for the war.

I would seriously recommend this book .I would be particularly interested to hear how someone who has no clue about the story of mahabharat found it. Is it thrilling,confusing, or just MAGICAL!!!

 Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Reema said...

really loved the book and fell in love with Karna.

Jack said...


I think I read review of this book by another blogger here. If I am not mistaken it was by Restless ( myworldmyperception ). You may like to visit her and compare. Also please do read my comment there as the same stands for your post too.

Take care

PS : I think I left a comment on your previous post but it does not appear. So may I wish you happy living in YOUR HOME for a long long time with your husband and children ( when they arrive ).

Haddock said...

Like you said the cover looks impressive.
Now to have a look inside :-)

suruchi said...

hey chakoli came across ur blog by chance...interesting1...keep blogging..
*_* *.* *_*

Chakoli said...


Yes me too :))


yes would surely visit that :) Thx for sharing.
Thanks for the wishes...

Chakoli said...


yes and inside its more magical!!


thx dear for visting :)

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