A Confusing Day!!

Well... How can you avoid confusion?With so many choices around... OMG... Its HARD!!

  • Some work out or another 40 mins sleep
  • What to cook... paneer of lauki?
  • What to wear... pink or blue?
  • Flats or heel?
  • Which  one to drive ... TVS Wego or Audi( Wish I had the latter!!!) ;)
  • Which phone... Sony or Iphone?( I have None!!)
  • Whether to work or not?
  • Should I call him or it would sound despo!!
  • DJ or pajama party?
  • Alcohol or orange juice
  • Should I sleep or can spend some more time on Net..

Can't Life be bit EASY!! ;)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Bikramjit said...

BLue blue and paneeer paneer
.. Flats for me :)

yeah i wish i had a audi tooo :)
sony always Iphone has lots of problems ...

and if nothing else works ALCOHOL is always bestttttttttt


Ellen said...

Hi Chakoli :-)

Oh yeah I know what you mean. Choices.. choices.. choices.. We get to do that everyday for the big or small issues or non-issues of life and living. On the other hand if you think about it, life would simply be a bore if everything was laid out for us to do. Yup life is always about choices. :-)

Hey delighted to see you in my blog. 'Been a long time. Life sure has taken us each on a busy ride it seems. But you have a lovely way of warming up old friendships by showing up out of the blue... like magic... lols! So a big HI! to you and a big wish for God's blessings upon you and your family.

:-) Ellen

Jack said...


LOL. Life is so full of taking decisions on choices, isn't it? Breakfast time, single fry or omelette or boiled?

Take care

Rajlakshmi said...

hehehe yeah choices makes it tough sometime :P

Chakoli said...


lol...Audi is real drm but on indian roads TVS wego sounds good :)

Chakoli said...


yes true... life would be boring :) spice of life... but may now with so many choices it leads to more confusion :)

thx for ur blessing

tk cr

Chakoli said...


yay yay :)

Chakoli said...

@Lakshmi :)

real touff!!

Vijender : said...

good one .. true illustration ..

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