A Troublesome Day

  • You are forced to open your eyes as just now you a caught by phenomenon of "batti gul" 
  • Rush to Bathroom and another surprise awaits you... NO WATER!
  • Thankfully milk was delivered and as you cut the pack and pour it... pungent and sour smell enlighten all your chakras..
  • As things get messy you think to use shortcut and instead of preparing whole lunch... just have some aloo paranthas with curd.
  • As cooker whistles each time you feel PROUD and WISE of your decision and time management
  • Finally , as you uncover cooker and pinch those hot potatoes ... another surprise awaits ... they are HARD as rock
  • Another brilliant idea sets you on fire to put them in grinder and finally what you get is potato di lassi 
Finally ... I spoke those golden words .....You better have your breakfast and lunch in canteen!!!

And then things were back into place :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Ellen said...

Canteen was a good idea, indeed. Lols! :-) What a day to start with aye? Still have a good one. Blessings on its way.

Vrijilesh Rai said...

Haha.. that was hilarious!

Bikramjit said...

so what did you eat in the canteen then :)

potatoe di lassi made me laugh :)


Vijender : said...

hahahaha .. excellent ..
complete enjoyment ..

Jack said...


OMG! all troubles made a pact to raid you together. How did Potato DI LASSI taste? So finally canteen comes in handy.

Take care

Reema said...

how many whistles did you give to the potatoes??? did you give enough water?

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