Search for Soul-MAID!

Trust me...

Itni shiddat se humne, apne liye pati bhi na dhuda hoga
jitni shiddat se ghar ke liye maid dhudi hain :)
par yeh kaynat humhe milne hi nahi deti hain

thats why I got hooked with the word ... SOUL-MAID!

Not sure, how many know that, but back in history usually when princess get married, along with them there were "dasiyan" or "saheliyan" who used to also go with her.

And I feel that's like perfect parting gift from you leave your mom's place.Its like...
jaa beti tujhe ghar ka koi kaam na karna pade!

Man, it is so hard to find a MAID!!

You know, you just can't go with like "any" maid, there has to be a proper understanding of at what time you need her, how you want things to be done , in what manner and even you need to think apart from work how you can offer some lolly pops which makes her feel she is just getting the best package in the market :)

We just shifted to this new house, would say just completed two months and this is the third one ,who just joined, and all others left without serving the notice period.

And I just hope... she continues on same package ;)


Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Smita said...

Notice period? Maid? ha! u must be joking :P
I always say that if my hubby tells me that he is going out for a tour I wud be on cloud nine but if my Maid says madam 1 din ki chutti then I go into a panick attack. Yes, I have my priorities clear ;-)

Bikramjit said...

I will say BEST OF LUCK :)

I wish i can have the LUXURY of a maid alas I am the maid and the boss both in the house ..

lucky you


Jack said...


Best of luck. I have been witnessing such phenomenon for the past more than 40 years, though at times it was real good luck to have someone who did meet all requirements but very very rare.

Take care

bhavana said...

it is funny to read all that you write.. good work.

Haddock said...

Couldn't have put it in a better way.
Have to just have a look at my wife's crestfallen face when the "bai is not coming today"

Reema said...

3 maids in 2 months??? :O thankfully I have got only one since 10 months (the time I came to Bangalore) but now with my job starting july god knows what is in store!

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