My laptop has finally arrived.Hahahahahohohoho....yipeeee.
Thats enuf for celebration.After all I paid a huge amount for same.

I hate people who hold ur responsibility and then cant take a stand for you,yes it happens professionally and even personaly.damn!!

Just yesterday it was raining in pune and on my way back from office a guy in front of "infy stupa"(they look similar to sanchi
stupa to me) asked for lift.I thought to stop but then didnt. Time has changed.isnt?
It was "ek ladka bheega bhaaga sa....;-)"

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Building Stamina!

The other day I
read in one of the health magazine 'Prevention' that to build stamina you should drink 'beetroot juice' now I m very fond of beetroot and eat it on regular basis,I thought of giving it a try. After spending half an hour in peeling,cutting and crushing,there was a glass full of red colour liquid,waiting to serve me and build my stamina. Ahhhh....
Suddenly I had positive vibes that my stamina would really build and I would be like one of the most powerful woman with lots of stamina(as if the liquid had some magical spell).
Now as soon I had my first sip.eeeehh!It was yucks.
I mean taste could differ so much just because its state is changed from solid to liquid. All my dreams and vibes have vanished and now I was thinking how to finish the remaining.
After lot of thinking I planned to finish it in one go.And belive me after that all day I was suffering from 'beetroot burps' :-l
Finally I concluded "state" is important of any food you decide to eat.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


After long wait, finally I'm getting official OFF for tomorrow. Thanks to Lord ganesha !!!

Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh deva....

Would do nothing except playing with my nephew and sleeping.

Ordered DELL lapotop, which I got in 29000/- which would be delivered by next week, so hopefully to be more regular( you need to bear me more often).

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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