Pictures or Words?

What you see fits more easily in your brain then what you read in words?

But many a times, the pictures don’t convey a meaning!! Especially to Martians ;-) who need everything to be mentioned explicitly in words.

No I don’t want.
Yes I’m angry with you.

And many more. They would prefer putting words to a picture just for the sake that they don’t hang it upside down . ;-) lol :O

Okie, coming back to, what I had in my mind. It is difficult to stick to just one thing. People say pictures conveys more meaning , I agree but words are more flowing. !!!

Just for eg, amoeba , it would be difficult to tell what shape amoeba is, as it could attain any shape , you come out with a picture to class 7th standard student and he could understand it but you need to mention in words that it has a tendency of taking any shape.

A first proposal is special to a gal not because she is being gifted by cards roses and gifts but the words which made her feel special. And even after 25 years she could remember them.

A certificate of appreciation is in words but while grapping it the picture clicked by someone is more appealing and even with this techy world you could send it to million of users saying you grabbed a Nobel prize for lying ;-)

All beautiful songs are in words…..

All compliments are given in words….

That’s why I count on words… How about you?

Reminds me of Boyzone songs words….

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Chakoli :)


I’m not sure how many of them are aware of this, but just saw this yesterday on V [I]Q. The question was :

What is nomophobia(even MS Word is showing it in red saying it needs a spell check ;-))?

And people came up with weird answers …

  • No More Phobia
  • Fear of Numbers
  • A type of computer virus..
The answer is, It is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact - and it's the plague of our 24/7 age.

Read this here
You being hit by this ?

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'Indian IT set to be 2nd largest’

Excerpts …
Indian IT industry may be passing through a rough patch because of a slowdown in the US economy and high inflation rates, but this stage will pass,” says a study. The study elaborates, “India will continue to drive the global IT market for the next few years. In fact, it will emerge as the second most important IT industry in the world after the US in terms of revenue and employment." "India will create the second largest IT services labour pool after the US within the next seven to eight years. That's not all, domestic IT industry's contribution to our GDP is likely to rise from 0.8 per cent in 2006-07 to 2.65 per cent by 2015-16."
For full story click here.

Ahhhhhhh…. I am relieved !!!! That means I have to work more for at least 7-8 years and after that I could sit at home and watch saas-bahu stuff ;-)

Don’t give me that Awwwww… kind of look !!! I need to follow the tradition ;-)

Jokes apart. Really don’t know how life would be after 7-8 years or rather where I would be? What I would be doing? But it actually makes you feel excited ,thinking about your future!!! What, How, Where, When and With Whom?
It’s good to have some questions, answered with time!!!

Today’s horoscope (As per Shri Shri Shri 1008 Shri Chakoli Matajee for Chakoli)

You would write a crap post today :-).
For personalized predictions please close your eyes and say 3 times

Jab tak sooraj chand rahega
Chakoli matajee ka naam rahega…

And your computer screen will flash a window with your predictions… !!! :)

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Its Fun and Friendly too!

When I was in UK, many people used to prefer going to there work riding on there bicycles. So ? Nothing wrong in that!!!

In India, Did anyone saw any employee (I mean people with high pay checks) riding his bicycle and coming to office? Infact when one my friend told about his colleague who works with one of the leading investment banks that he comes to office riding on his bicycle. The first question I asked was – what and why?

He said, he is quite environment friendly and don’t want to create more chaos on road!! And moreover, he could remain fit and fine as well.

Then my answer was – WOW!!!!

That’s really a good thought, just think of the reduction in pollution, traffic, congestion, and moreover every one could be pink and plump!!!

We in India, are more to show offs, once a person starts getting hefty paycheck, purchase a brand new car, hire a driver and then ,suited-booted, would sit on the back side reading economic times!!!!! Now imagine then with the same attire and riding bicycle, or would they hire a bicycle rider and would be on back seat relaxing? ;-)

Another thing that did impressed me recently, a family who doesn’t have TV. Life without it is more FUN I suppose!!! So anything you did like this?

Just to update yesterday we had a blood donation drive in our office. I went there happily full with excitement. She pierced one of my finger , did some tests and said - your hemaoglobin is less. You can't donate :-(

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What it is?

One of my friend got engaged recently, I called her up to congratulate and asked her in more of a teasing tone So Love or Arranged?

And she said…. Love hi samaj le (Assume it to be Love....)

I asked… samaj le!! What do you mean by that ?
She said: we are spending about 16-18hrs daily since last 1 year in office together and just we two being the team member, we usually ended up to each other for some or the other problem. My family was forcing me to get marry, and so I discussed this with him. We were just chatting when I said to him – I don’t understand the need of getting married. I spent time with you and it would continue the same way. And if just being together is what marriage is, what if we tie a knot?Then He gave a thought to this and I conveyed the same to my family and we’re getting engaged. !!!!!

I was more of shocked!!!

Dil hain ki manta nahi, Bunty Aur Bubbly, Hum-Dum and many more movies…!!!! Gals and boys meet, spent time together and fall in love and decide to marry. Infact Hum-Dum was based on this simple fact a girl and a boy have to spent time with each other for 6 months and then have to decide if wanna get married or be separated. If they separate out, they win a lump some amount of money and are restricted to meet in future for about 9 years. And if they fall in love they could marry each other and live happily. And a girl and boy join the show to earn money but somehow fall in love with each other.

Yup, there is always some frequency matching which does comes into picture but the love is not “ love at first sight kind of” or when you meet a person and you have a crush on, or you like some attributes of a person. It’s merely a mutual contract between two people.

We are spending time with each other, and there is nothing wrong if we continue doing this in future with a LEGAL STAMP irrespective of we are having a nice time or not!!!

Could it be an individual’s insecurity?

What if I’m not able to adjust with someone else? What if someone else dumps me? What if …………??

Don’t know what it is!!!

Mutual agreement? Marriage? Or just mode of spending time….??

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Time and Money!!

What’s your preference?

Time or Money?

When you have to choose one among this what would you choose?

Just for instance, you paid 10K for some classes but then you find them of no use, you would still for the sake of money “keep wasting your time” or would rather skip it?

You know you could reach your home in 10 mins by auto and then could relax for ½ an hour, on the other hand reaching by bus would take around 30 mins? What would be your preferences?

Time is priceless and can never be bought!!! Yup until and unless some “BHAI's “ ghoda(gun) is on your head and you asking for “some time” to arrange money?

Time is always sidelined, or rather money most of the times does takes preferences!!!

Now talking in terms of IT industry, I guess they don’t care for money(Thats a general statement, I have seen many miser's as well), people prefer “udankhatola(flight)” rather then train, until and unless you are helpless and there is no airport in your city. People would rather give 40 bucks extra just to skip long queues and get booking online. And many more instances….

Don’t know if generalization could be made, or choice could be made. It is more of situation dependent, but choice is rather very difficult!!! Time or Money…??

Time is Money or Money is Time!!!

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Chakoli :)


Arrey suna tumne, neeta ke husband ka affair uske secretary ke saath chal raha hain

Arrey to kya Neeta ka affair uske driver ke saath….

Affair Unlimited…. !!! Extra Martial Affairs!!! Right or Wrong??

Could a person indulge in an affair with his husband/Wife? I mean when two people are married they are “bound to” be in love. People never comment that they are having affair!! Yup they may comment if that is not happening? If they are at distance, If they don’t sleep together… !!!

Would you mind having an affair with your “own” husband or wife (Here own is stressed as I’m sure to get a comment that "I wont mind having an affair with other’s husband/wife")

I mean going out the same way as couple does, meeting chori-chori, chupke chupke?? Sending flowers? Tonnes of calls on single day !!

I’m sure many would say it is not needed, but don’t you think it could spice up your life?

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Chakoli :)

Image Courtsey : Prun

Dreamzzz Unlimited!!!

I guess my sub-conscious mind has suddenly become too active!! :)

This is the phenomenon I’m observing since last 3-4 months. Whenever I watch Discovery, Animal planet, National Geographic channel all with different types of animals, that very same day I dream about them. I won’t mind if they come into my dream wandering in jungle, but they make sure that I’m utilized completely with them (Optimum utilization of resources). :P

First being those anacondas and cobras… I got a horrifying dream that they are on my bed and have hugged me as well. And when I wake up in morning and try to get rid of them. They did bite me. Poor me. That’s was the end of dream 1 :(.

Next it was crocodile… Now the task was to cross one peak and reach other, but there was a small pond, into which there were deadly crocodiles. And while doing this, I stumbled on one of those and there I woke up ! :#

Next was with hippopotamus , I saw that I was having a ride on them . A hippo riding on another one … lol… :D
And the series could continue… but I wonder why just animal kingdom into my dreams is, I do watch many movies, gaana-shaana….!! Nothing morantic(I call romantic like this) turns up….

I guess that’s what growing age does…. !!!! :O

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Chakoli :)


No thing is PERFECT!!!
Afterall its not easy to be like me ;-)
I added a blog list on my space and here is what it says about a post posted few days back.
Dont worry if it comes out with A.D and B.C dates!!! :O

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I just had a visit to Beauty Parlor, although I’m not very fond of this place and really don’t like spending even a penny there, then why I was there? Just to learn some tricks about threading. I have special affinity to that, and always used to dream of doing it for others.

This was a BIG PARLOR, quite BIG to what I expected. There was a receptionist, now parlor having receptionist that was too much to expect!!! And moreover you need to make appointments if you looking for any kind of make over. Till now I just managed to see the largest being 3 rooms parlor, but this was more like a bungalow I wasn’t able to even count how many rooms existed !!! So many chairs, so many new equipments!!!

We asked her (the receptionist) do you offer any courses? Now we were asking in Hindi and she was replying in English. I wonder why?

(That’s another concern to me, why people speak in English ? If they don’t understand I agree to it, but when you are able to understand why English ? And then another concern, irrespective of age who is addressing whom, it’s always Maa’m. Damn man!!! Even a person in 60’s and 70’s would call you Maa’m , I wonder where those words “beta” have gone? I’m drifting from the topic… lets continue… )

She said –
yup for skin its 15K +2K (for kit);duration 2 months
And skin +hair 33K+2K(for kit); duration : 4 months

I was like what?? I got my engineering degree which I completed in 4 years in less then that and just for these “time pass” I have to give 35 K.

Don’t you think beauty is being sold out too costly? Not their fault , afterall we are ready to buy it at any cost!!!

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Chakoli :)

Read It!!

Gandhi’s autobiography “My experiments with truth” was something for which I was craving since long time. Recently when I was in book store I purchased one (earlier it was out of stock). It was just 30 bucks. Where no decent books comes with a price tag of 100 /-, getting this for 30/- was a big surprise to me!!!

This is the first time I’m impressed by someone’s autobiography. I did read about three of them Helen Killer the Story Of my Life, Bill Clinton’s
My Life and Hitler’s Mein Kampf but this book needs no comments and compliments. A true autobiography in every sense.

Helen where she fights against all odds and be successful, Bill Clinton , how he turns from a normal boy to President of the strongest nation, and Hitler – his ideologies’ and desires (somehow I wasn’t ever convinced with him ). Everyone had a story , but Gandhi wrote Truth about each and every thought in his mind. Be it when he was sacred , be it when he was cribbing or be it when he was feeling lusty.

A book worth to read!!!!

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Chakoli :)

Could flowers hurt?

She was walking on road when a child approached her and handed her a bunch of roses!!!. :d

She screamed !!!!!!! :o

Now she was holding a bouquet of flowers and there was a tinge of discomfort on her face. She mentioned they were from her recent ex-boyfriend with whom she was dating for 2+years. It appears that he continues to send her flowers quite often, despite her repeated requests that he stop. They are a painful reminder of the relationship that needed to end, the temporary loss of a dream, and the tainting association of something usually quite joy-provoking.

Even a thought of flowers is now haunting her !!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

A Marathi Wedding

Just came back from a marathi wedding. :~

The aim is “to tie a knot” but still so many different styles are followed. Something similar to what we wear – the sole purpose is to hide body parts (but somehow they are more exposed nowadays) but still so many different wears are there in market. :D

Chalo chaado jee …. :)
This was more of a silent wedding, as compared to all pompous, show off in north for which I’m usually a part of .
The groom was all dressed in sherwani rode a “rath” and not “godhi”(horse), yup we did show ours “free style dancing skills over there”. At our place, its like at least half an hour of dance on road is must with all dhol-baje-nagada, but here it was merely 5 mins. :~

At the dwar(door) , after the tilak and all, bride came and then they went together till stage. Then they were standing opposite to each other but a “parda” was kept to obstruct there views. It was a big hall with a small stage , all people were seated neatly. That was a real surprise for me as at our place, nobody would be sitting, all will form a cluster here and there and would be busy chatting. Some elders from girls side would actually talk about groom-

hmmmm theek hain, thodi height kum hain,
array thoda savla(dark complexion) hain!!
Arrey iski baat mere didi kii bhatjee se bhi chali thi par unko pasand nahi aaya….

Finally, we heard some mantras and there was this pandit jee chanted mantras loudly on mike , people sitting there threw rice each time he completed one mantra, which actually resulted in rice on the person sitting in front of them as all were at a distant. As I was standing and my hairs are quite curly, I had rice hanging here and there all over my head. Finally, as soon as the mantras were finished and parda was removed and it was the moment for groom and bride to exchange garlands, all in hall stood up and looked for EXIT. I was surprised what happened suddenly, was there a bomb call or someone screaming snake snake!!! One of my friend told me that they are going out for lunch!!!

Then we also ran for the same, food was arranged in plates beforehand as they might be aware of how people would rush.
And “Bhooke logon ko sambhalna is not possible”. (Hungry people are impossible to be handled). :P

Food was tasty and simple, no tam-jham in that’s as well. All that is needed was there, sweets, puri, paneer, daal-chwaal… everything, but was confusing as each time a person came to serve us and would speak in marathi, and by the time I understood of what he was saying he left :(

Finally, after that we went to wish the couple, who were busy with some more rituals and only some near and dear ones were near them.

And then we were out of the place, coming back to office :(

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Beware of Radio!!!

The adult joke which was aired on one of the radio channel in Pune :
When asked Rakhi sawant which course she took before joining the film industry. Her reply was : intercourse!!! :o
Now imagine a child in class 3rd or 4th who is impressed by Rakhi Sawant moves and want to be like her, suddenly in the middle of some conversation says to her mom-
mom I wanna go for an intercourse!!!
What mamma could say? :#

This was something which was raised as a concern in Pune Mirror recently by some parent.

Sun rahe ho radio walon….. !!!!! (Radio People – Are you listening ?)
Nahi chalegi nahi chalegi…
Tanashahi nahi chalegi :O

And to all Parents…

Beware of Radio!!!!!

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Chakoli :)

The Psychological Recession

Why people don’t seem all that excited about coming to work these days??
A psychological recession means people are feeling economically and psychologically vulnerable and unprotected now and with regard to the future. Once established, this negative mindset reinforces people's view that the world is a risky place in which they have little or no control. And the media's focus on bad news makes it worse
We all know the mantra: Get profits up.
How? By cutting costs.
What's the biggest cost? Salaries, benefits, pensions, vacations, training, sick days . . . anything to do with people.
What can you do? End long-term commitments to employees, and downsize, lay off, outsource, and use temps. Wall Street rewards it, and shareholders are happy.
That's very appealing and logical in the short term. But in the longer term, not seeing employees as stakeholders and not making a commitment to them is a truly dumb strategy. It's dumb because it produces powerfully negative financial outcomes.
When people are perceived as a cost and not a resource, when they are treated as a liability and not an asset, when no one seems to know or care that they are there, they don't work well, and they don't stay.
That bears repeating:
They don't work well. And they don't stay

There are hundreds of studies that find a clear and powerful relationship between energized, enthusiastic, involved employees and positive financial outcomes. When people feel they're treated well, that they're respected and trusted and much is expected of them, they voluntarily work better and harder. The reverse is also true. Very simply, which organization will do better: the one in which employees say, "There's nothing in this for me," or the one where you hear, "This is a great place to work"?

After all its all about “Give and Take “ but in a right way.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Hard to Believe!!!

Many times it s hard to believe what we see… or rather our instincts force us to believe what we feel!!! Don’t know how true it is….

One of my friend narrated an incident in which she was slapped by someone while she was sleeping. And when she opened her eyes there was no one!!! When she shared the same with her mother even aunty said yup even she experienced something similar. :(

I asked her – were you watching something on TV like horror or about wandering souls . her reply was – NO!!

Were you afraid of something that night? Like thinking as someone would kill you or kidnap you? She said – Nopes. :o

How could then out of the blue she suddenly dream of being slapped by someone who is not visible? That is surely not a dream and also not superstition for sure. But it was hard to believe.

I too had a very similar experience I remember – not being attacked by souls but I did saw them.

It was the time when my grandmother expired. My “dadi” had a habit of sitting on the terrace at a specific place at dawn for an hour or so. It was the third day of all rituals and poojas, after finishing them I went upstairs just to be out of the crowd for sometime, just as when I was climbing stairs I could see someone sitting in the same posture as my dadi used too. I was shocked. I went close by thinking its in my mind and nothing in reality I tried sitting on the same chair but to my surprise I was able to feel someone already sitting there, I just turned and tried touching it but then there was nothing. And then there was nothing which I could see as well. This time when again I tried sitting on the same chair I was able to do that comfortably.

I never shared this incident to anyone as people would think its mere superstition. But I did feel that it was true!!! :x

Many times feeling takes a priority to what you see. Is it?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

PS: I'm quite sure there would be many among us who would have a similar expereince

Life or Political power!!!

Pune is about to greet Mrs Pratibha Patil , and to welcome her since yesterday “common man” is being tortured and so are police force. Since Yesterday to each and every corner, every traffic light there was one Traffic Police wallah and the height was that He wasn’t standing in my “konta”(corner) watching people driving but actually whistling , signaling and managing traffic.

Yesterday while waiting at the bus stop, saw 25 white ambassador’s 4 “lal batti wali gaddi”, ambulance and 3 police vans. When they were passing by, all traffic was discontinued and then “shaan se shavari” nikali. I was wondering if Pratibha maam is scheduled to arrive today what are these ambassador’s doing on road and making us suffer? All ambassador’s were appearing empty to us except the driver there was no one , then my bro said that they have painted glass which hinders our view but I wasn’t convinced as what I saw is just driver. And what you see is what you believe

The irony for Indian common man was that on the other side there was an ambulance “weeping” but who listens to her? The leaders are more important then the sick common man, after all we are used to it.
Today morning while coming to office, the scene was quite similar, I wonder if we have such a huge police force what they do when there is no leader in town!!!

The luxuries in India – just one a lal batti gaddi !!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

The world of Advertisements :)

Humor has a universal language. It doesn’t need degrees in obscure languages, hardly ever in Clinical Psychology and it is one of the few devices used to make people smile and think at the same time. Great messages have been passed in the guise of humor, great authors and playwrights have used it over the centuries. If there are great tragedies there are also great comedies. So is it surprising that advertising has used this medium to sell a wide spectrum of products?!

The effect of these ads is felt by all of us in our daily lives. My neighbor two year old kid recently said ‘Vaango’, She was a proud mama for a minute, thinking that perhaps the kid is trying to learn a new language, till She realized that kid was only repeating the new Bingo ad. There went her hopes for a genius baby. :(

Humor has always got our attention. It could be controversial, subtle, blatant or slapstick. However it is used, humor sticks. Ad makers often take the commonplace and make them more exotic, twisted or just different enough to create an impact.
To be effective, humor has to be used innovatively, keeping in mind the target audience and what message the ad needs to convey. For the marriage-obsessed Indian, the humor in the ‘JeevanSaathi.Com’ ad, where the father is trying to find a bridegroom for his daughter in practically every man, does not fail to get the required attention. :D

Some ads like the one “Bounvita” nahi didi iske bournvita ke liye…!!! How could a person save 20 bucks for bournvita when ½ litre milk costs you 11 /-? They actually divert from the actual message. :#

Another one is Monster India, As far as I know they offer jobs usually in IT sector or other mechanical, financial jobs? Do they really come out with vacancies in Indian Criket team? Or vacancy in a Barber shop? Then how could did they put in those characters in the ad? :@

Some ad makers do find a point where the twain do meet, as in a recent ad for Camlin Permanent markers, where, in a rural Rajasthani village the husband passes away and the ‘Rudalis ’or the professional mourners come to the hut and start breaking the recent widow’s bangles and mangalsutra but cannot remove her bindi as her husband had used Camlin permanent marker, as a result of which he gets a second life! There was no conversation just the tag line “Camlin permanent markers – really permanent.” The message got through perfectly. :~
Our most scared animal has finally left her mark in the Indian ad scene, either being wooed by the ‘Fully Vaccinated African Black Bull’ or as the winner of a beauty contest, Ms. Palampur, with the Big B himself promising that next year she will be in films. The products of these two ads were Orbit and Cadburys chocolate. Seen any cows chew on these lately? :v
Humor being humor can be packaged appropriately to sell any product - however controversial or embarrassing. Which is good as it is a makes an effective weapon to be used to get social messages across. The series of ads using humor to spread AIDS awareness throughout India is effective without being offensive. :)
One of our neighbors actually were complaining of the recent Condom ad which has a punch line- Mard bano khul ke bolo, as kids at any place start shouting Condom which is more of an embarrassing situation to them.!!! :$
How could I end this without mentioning the ‘Utterly, butterly’ that stared 40 years ago! Amul ads are iconic, in that they have not changed in all this time. They are as contemporary today as they were four decades ago when they created a sensation in 1967. I would try to second guess what the weekly ad copy would be about. Remember “Aati kya makhan dala? Amul on everyone’s lips’. The ads were funny, simple and on occasion controversial but always they did their job – they got our attention!! :O
The Ad-Mad world offer many things to keep us "INTACT".

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

I love You!!

So this morning He woke up and called her, like He does every morning if he doesn’t spent the night with her. She was getting ready to go out and about doing stuff, like paying bills and buying groceries and what not. He was out of cigarettes so he decided to put on his hands-free headset for his phone and head out to buy cigarettes while talking to her.

So he was on the phone with his lady L as he navigated the streets to this one gas station. He finally got to the gas station, bought a bottle of Mountain Dew and got back into his car. Just relaxed and he was talking to her. Next to the gas station was a McDonald's. He thought , he'll stop in at Mc D’s for a quick breakfast/lunch".

She says, "I don't recommend it, but you're a big boy. You can make your own decisions regarding your diet, so I won't pester you." :O

He pulls up through the drive-thru and order his food. As he pull up to the window, his lady L says, "Alrighty baby. I gotta run out and do some stuff. I'll talk to you later, ok?" He says to her, "Ok darling. I'll talk to you later. I love you." and he hungs up the phone. :L

As he said "I love you", the guy at the drive thru window had the window open, ready to take his money. Because he had the hands-free headset on, it looked like he said "I love you" to him. He looked at him strangely as he gave back the change. :o

Suddenly he changed his looks from Strange to Seductive and says… :L

So whatta you are doing tonight? :k

Slightly embarrassed and more of confused, He just grabbed the food, came back hurriedly to car, locked all the doors and ahhhhhhhhhhhh RELIEF!!!!! :f

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Filmy Chakkar

I always believed in Filmy love….!!! :D

Much of like running around trees…some bad boys after us… my man fighting like a SUPER MAN!!! And those filmy dialogue… :$
Mujhe tumse iss duniya ki koi taqat juda nahi kar sakti…
Its not that I don’t believe now, I do but now things have changed… Now for me we would be running around High tech Trees(As Trees are to be seen as EXTINCT species), he chasing me from one desk (I mean the workplace) to another desk… some bugs would be sure for there trying to harm us and then my man would wear a SYMANTEC anti virus suit and eat up all of them…. :L

But how about the dialogue….??

I still love it…

Mujhe tumse iss duniya ki koi taqat juda nahi kar sakti… :k

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Gates has Logged Off

It's finally happened. Friday was Bill Gates Last Day as full-time Microsoft employee.

As of July 1, Gates becomes a part-time employee, turning his full-time attention to the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation , which now has nearly $38 billion in assets.

Whatever, I really respect this leader. The mystique around him just does not die down, even if he's no longer the world's richest man after holding on to that title for over 12 years. (He was number three on the most recent Forbes list, after friend and investor Warren Buffet and Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim).

He was such a down to earth personality , it was never him being the MIGHTEIEST but had always asked others. I remember these lines by him said in 2002,Gates called Steve the No 1 guy.

"I'm the No. 2 guy--I have a strong voice and recommendation, but Steve has to decide."

Microsoft is no longer A GIANT and the ruling firm when competition is from Google, a nearly-failed internet and search strategy, a failed attempt to buy Yahoo!, a Windows release that isn't quite a success.

Even so, Gates leaves the company stronger than ever, in many ways. It has over nine-tenths of the desktop OS and office software market. It's made its presence felt on the mobile platform, though it's a young player in the field. It's enormously profitable.

He’s proved his mettle as one of the greatest leaders our times.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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