Gates has Logged Off

It's finally happened. Friday was Bill Gates Last Day as full-time Microsoft employee.

As of July 1, Gates becomes a part-time employee, turning his full-time attention to the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation , which now has nearly $38 billion in assets.

Whatever, I really respect this leader. The mystique around him just does not die down, even if he's no longer the world's richest man after holding on to that title for over 12 years. (He was number three on the most recent Forbes list, after friend and investor Warren Buffet and Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim).

He was such a down to earth personality , it was never him being the MIGHTEIEST but had always asked others. I remember these lines by him said in 2002,Gates called Steve the No 1 guy.

"I'm the No. 2 guy--I have a strong voice and recommendation, but Steve has to decide."

Microsoft is no longer A GIANT and the ruling firm when competition is from Google, a nearly-failed internet and search strategy, a failed attempt to buy Yahoo!, a Windows release that isn't quite a success.

Even so, Gates leaves the company stronger than ever, in many ways. It has over nine-tenths of the desktop OS and office software market. It's made its presence felt on the mobile platform, though it's a young player in the field. It's enormously profitable.

He’s proved his mettle as one of the greatest leaders our times.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Amit 2.0 said...

Good morning... so in office today ?

Chakoli said...

yup back to ofc:-))

Anonymous said...

so true... he was a good leader...and had the best marketing team i guess :)

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