Time and Money!!

What’s your preference?

Time or Money?

When you have to choose one among this what would you choose?

Just for instance, you paid 10K for some classes but then you find them of no use, you would still for the sake of money “keep wasting your time” or would rather skip it?

You know you could reach your home in 10 mins by auto and then could relax for ½ an hour, on the other hand reaching by bus would take around 30 mins? What would be your preferences?

Time is priceless and can never be bought!!! Yup until and unless some “BHAI's “ ghoda(gun) is on your head and you asking for “some time” to arrange money?

Time is always sidelined, or rather money most of the times does takes preferences!!!

Now talking in terms of IT industry, I guess they don’t care for money(Thats a general statement, I have seen many miser's as well), people prefer “udankhatola(flight)” rather then train, until and unless you are helpless and there is no airport in your city. People would rather give 40 bucks extra just to skip long queues and get booking online. And many more instances….

Don’t know if generalization could be made, or choice could be made. It is more of situation dependent, but choice is rather very difficult!!! Time or Money…??

Time is Money or Money is Time!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Keshi said...

Time is Money in the Corporate world. Not in LIFE.

Cos, think abt this:

Imagine u hv a very ill loved-one who's got only few days to live. Wud u rather go to work and earn ur MONEY or spend some TIME with this person?

Imagine ur the mother of a lil baby who's just born. Wud u rather put that baby in Day-care and go to work to earn MONEY, or wud u spend ur TIME with the baby as it needs u in it's first few years?

It all depends on the individual's priorities.

But for me, Time isnt Money. It's Quality.


vijay said...


i supopose both r imp. maybe time has a slight edge.

circumstances wud probably decide tho' trend is 2 throw money around , now that its available in plenty :)


~mE said...

time is money, money is time :) true.
For me Time comes first. If there is something that i can achieve in a shorter time but spending a little extra then i would do that.

But say i need a drivers license and if i go through legal sources it will take me half a day and if i bribe someone it would take me one hour..I would Wait and go through legal sources...Money is not so important but where/how its used is very important to me.

I hope i made some sense :)

~mE said...
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churningthewordmill said...

between time and money, i'd chose time!!loooooads of time..been really short of it of late...may be if u asked me the same Q on a different day, i'd give u a diff answer but fr now its time!

Solitaire said...

Cool one. Time or money? It all depends, you know.

Sometimes money can be used to BUY more time such as..

Pay the baby sitters more money and spend more alone time with your spouse.


Pay a lot of money for medical treatment so that you can buy more time for an ailing family member on their death bed.

Thought provoking. :)

SaTaN said...

Well its a quite subjective issue as u said....

Its more dependent on circumstances/situation....

Also it depends upon your purchasing power... how much you earn

harshasrisri said...

comfort is important... if time is abundant and u have nothing to do with it, waste it... thats what u'll do anyway... similarly for money too... only thing is... proper choice has to be made... which to waste and which to conserve at crunch times...

Chakoli said...

@keshi :))

BUt if that person cud be saved by money... i guess u wud rather be out and searching for options :)

In corporate world...
thats what mama's do..
leaving a child... they do it :(((

I agree one cannot generalize...but somehow... what I ahve seen is that people prefer money most of d times then time :((

Chakoli said...

@Keshi :))

kudos to ur last stamemt about Quality :))

good one!!

Chakoli said...


I guess...

being avalibale in plenty people are ready to waste it :))

Chakoli said...


Agreed to what you said :))

Chakoli said...


very true :))

Chakoli said...


that was s good one dear :))

I agree... time cud sometimes be bought...and many a times wasted as well:))

Chakoli said...


hmmm...agreed it subjective...
but do u think all millonaire people have more time??

Chakoli said...


yup very true...
either waste money...or waste time....and value the other :))

niceguy251 said...


Read last 3 now. For Dreamzzzzzzz, have not been chased by an Arabian Horse with Prince Charming on it's back?

For Affair, very interesting to spice up things.

This one, one must realise value of time and use it optimumly.

Take care

arvind1187 said...

well lot depends on the the amont of money i have :P
both are important ..Time has a little edge as time cant be earned again .. money could be,...
for example i would rather get an auto in order to save my time if i have some usefull work ..

and similarly i would rather not join any classes that would be of no use to me ...
a little secret .. i never went to tutions ,coaching classes till now ..
saved lot of money and time .... :P lol ...
wasted lot of that time by playing cricket though :D

Chakoli said...

@Nice guy :))


nw u are able to post ur comments without the link :))
kewl :))

thanks for the comments :))

Chakoli said...


First thing first :))

i m still no able to post comments on ur space:))

alkthou I just manged to read it...and as soon as I hit post comments, thr the error appeared...

so here are my comments...

I m still to watch jaane tu ya jaane na lol...

nw shud I kill myself...or wud u help me ;)))

then abt the tag...
u never kissed anyone....thr are so many puppies...cats.... and all sorts of animals..try them ;-)))

tag executed nicely :))))))))))

and about ur comment :))

Thats a good one... but i dont know...if you noticed arnd ur surroundings...people are more money oreinted :)))

hmmm...u never enrolled to any classes kewl..
nt even to cricket classes??:PPP

arvind1187 said...

I am afraid i still have no clue why the error comes .. :(
did u try any other browser .. ?? :P
well , lol ...well ..i guess u should mnake a decision ..i dont want to end my life in jail ..i haven't even kissed a girl :D ..
i dont know how much hygienic those pupies and cats will be will be :P i would do one if i ever decide to keep a pet ..
lol ... yeah people are but i cant help it ..can i ??
and cricket was such a natural thing for me that i never went to an official class though i was always around on the ground . :P

*cursing my blog !!!*

Reema said...

Well for me, Money is the means to save time..like u gave the example of auto. I prefer to spend to get comfort and hence save time by not getting tensed, to do other things etc. :) Nice post.

Ankur said...

I completely second Keshi here!!! :)

and btw... this template of urs take ages to download and it hangs my system!! :P


Chakoli said...


I just have one of these browser :(((

Dont worry I keep onreading them...and if possible commnt on ur space...or comment on my space ;)))

jail... why so??

Hygienic....!!! hmmmm.... go fr does high soceity doggies and cats...they wud be sure clean and clear ;)))

ohhh... so no coaching but still quite good;))

Chakoli said...


yup very ture...comfort cud bt bought so better to buy it:))

Chakoli said...


I dont know but u r the only one complaning abt this :(((

let me try if I cud change it:))

Keshi said...

yeah ofcourse..if that person needs treatment, u gotta earn that money for him/her. :)


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