Pictures or Words?

What you see fits more easily in your brain then what you read in words?

But many a times, the pictures don’t convey a meaning!! Especially to Martians ;-) who need everything to be mentioned explicitly in words.

No I don’t want.
Yes I’m angry with you.

And many more. They would prefer putting words to a picture just for the sake that they don’t hang it upside down . ;-) lol :O

Okie, coming back to, what I had in my mind. It is difficult to stick to just one thing. People say pictures conveys more meaning , I agree but words are more flowing. !!!

Just for eg, amoeba , it would be difficult to tell what shape amoeba is, as it could attain any shape , you come out with a picture to class 7th standard student and he could understand it but you need to mention in words that it has a tendency of taking any shape.

A first proposal is special to a gal not because she is being gifted by cards roses and gifts but the words which made her feel special. And even after 25 years she could remember them.

A certificate of appreciation is in words but while grapping it the picture clicked by someone is more appealing and even with this techy world you could send it to million of users saying you grabbed a Nobel prize for lying ;-)

All beautiful songs are in words…..

All compliments are given in words….

That’s why I count on words… How about you?

Reminds me of Boyzone songs words….

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Anonymous said...

Visuals talk to each person in its own way...

Anonymous said...

lovely post..
a picture is worth 100 worth in many occasions where its difficult to describe it...
no one would be able to describe beautifully sunrise . ..
but ..but in many case i would accept that words are more descriptive than a a pic..
I always feel books are best.. No matter how beautifully it is being portrayed in a movie ,there is not much detail into the movies.

Anonymous said...

i think the same...

and well.. this inspired into smething. u shud read ;)

here is the link

Reema said...

U r so true about "martians"!! ;) :D
"Words are the voice of the heart."

Phoenix said...

Not surprised. Things they "see" anyway appeal a lot to the Martians, by genetic hardwiring, just the way things "said", and "felt" (the way it's said) are the most important things for women. Sigh..

~ ॐ ~ said...

when it comes to books I am more comfortable looking at pictures than reading words...

but sometimes words do make more sense than anything else :)

Oh and correction... WORDS is a Bee Gees song, and not Boyzone... they just picked it up for a cover version...

maverick said...

well the combination becomes better with the picture attached :)

vijay said...

GM Chaks,

my take on this is that in differing situations, both may be apt.

words cud be the ultimate - like the love poems, etc.

pictures cud be the ultimate - like ur sons first steps.

buth have a role 2 play, important roles, just like salt is good & so is sugar - 2 our taste :))

our akalmandi is 2 pick up & savour the best of both :))


niceguy251 said...


It depends on situation to situation. In event of war damage or bomb blasts it is a picture which convey what thousand words may not but in case of expression of love or loyalty words or actions are more suited.

Nomophobia : Yes, it is becoming a serious phobia as we have got so used to being connected all the time.

Take care

Homecooked said...

I prefer words too so that I can imagine the picture anyway I want :) Did I mention I love reading books and then go to watch the movie(based on the book) And I love the boyzone song!

Ankur said...

believe it or not, for us martians, the eyes says everything!! :)


Manasa said...

lol... Nice post.

As you said, pics have their own place n words have their own! Yet, a picture is worth a thousand words ;-)

Aaarti said...

I guess there are times when words do the trick, and others where pics speak volumes more than words can!!:)

When am feeling low and down, i dont need a F@#% card, i need a hug and smile n someone to tell me "its gonna be ok"...

And at times when i need to explain a concept or an issue, i find pics do better than words.. i can talk on n on, but a few pics and voila, deed is done!! :D

love the layout.. saw this, but dint know how it would i Know..hehe

rahul said...

not much of a fan of words..I think a smile tells you a lot and that wink in the eye :P!!!

Solitaire said...

If it were not for words, we all would never have met.

Keshi said...

I agree...words do SAY alot more than what pictures can CONVEY.


Vrij said...

Depends. On the person saying/conveying the message. I personally like words more than pics.

Taureandude_23 aka TD23 said...

hi there
well images do speak a lot, but at the same time words have their own magic. the matter is subjective. some things look better in writing, but that very same thing can make more sense to someone else if it was shown visually n vice versa. So at the end of the day, its the individual who decides which medium is preferrable based on the context.
take care

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