Just Timepass!!

Yesterday I had a horrifying dream ….

The mob which includes me is fighting with some other group, we are on cycles are running running and running. Suddenly my mobile slipped and went straight to the “gutter”. Yucks!!!

Am I struck with Nomophobia? :#

Now instead of running for my life, I was more desperate to save my mobile. No not because it’s my favorite Sony Ericsson brand and not because it’s too costly, but …..

Dreams are individual's private property and are not to be disclosed!!! :O

But ending was superb !!! Then my HERO(in dreams..) , he appeared straight from the sky… jumped into that gutter to save my moby (I mean mobile) and when he came out, eeeehhhhh was smelling horribly. :(

What ?

Not the Hero but my moby ;)

This is what happens when you watch just Bollywood flicks during weekend…!! This time I broke my previous records of watching 3 movies in a day. In just 2 days I saw:

Kismat Konnection
Padosan(old one)
Dil hain ki manta nahi..
Gone in 60 secs
Mujse dosti karoge…
Andaz Apna Apna
Chalti ka naam gadi…(old one)
And last but not the least…

Contract… pathetiq!!!!!

Hey guys… India won yesterday :~ … and what Fedrerer could slip down from No 1… that’s bad !!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Ankur said...

hey chaks... control yaar!! :P

tereko aur teri sahelis ko aise sapne kyo aate hai jo sunne mai bhi darawane lagte hai! :P

u rnt suffering but desk ka mahaul aisa hai in dino yaar.. so its normal! :)

baap re baap.. yeh meri list se badi hai! :P
lite jaane ki waajah se aajkal mai itni movie nahi dekh pata hoon! :D

nad yeppie.. india won by 170 runs.. and yohooo.. Nadal is No1 officialy.. yeepie!! :D :D

Aaarti said...

Sigh.. i never get dreams.. or even if i do, dont remember em anyways!!

btw, which ph u got? me have a walkman series- w550i, had it for nearly 3yrs, love it..thot looks a bit rusty...:)

whoaa. so many movies.. am yet to watch Kismet... love Dil hai ke manta nahin..actually i love all Aamir movies :D

hows monday going???:)

Chakoli said...

@Ankur :)

yup it was horryfing but...somehw ended in filmy ishytle :))

is it??
to mahuaal mein jab virus hain I cud be attcaked by it na :PP

light jaati ahin kya??

thats why I said... fedrere cud be :((

Chakoli said...


Oops... no dreams...

no comments on that... :)) I love my drmzzz... :DD

i have w880i :))

ohh so u r aamir fan :))

Anonymous said...

mummmy....mujhe bhi movie dekhni hai

Anonymous said...

hehehehhe! the hero was smelling great even after the dip in the gutter ehh :P

hhehehe! wonderfullll dream Chakoli ;)


i m gonna giv u competition... hoping to :P

INDIA WON! ehehhehe!

and Federer dwn :(

chalo jus time pass :)

Reema said...

OMG!! weekend movie bonanza!! good. Its true after watching lots of movies one does get strange dreams. Hey missing ur comment on this post


Reema said...

hey i just use this id to comment on blogspot but i have moved to wordpress long back. Ab samzi why all of a sudden ur comments have stopped coming. Update ur blog roll please.


Chakoli said...

@Hobo :))


Chakoli said...


nopes dear...it was my moby which was mselling good ;-)

yup yups... we won and fedy lossing it :))

abt the competiotn... no worries... u cud win the title ;))

Chakoli said...


ohhhh dear..
just updated it :))

sure wud comment on tht as well :))

Anonymous said...

LOL ...
that sure was effect of those movies..
i get hell lot of weird dreams :)
I too have Sony Ericson's mobile :)

and that list looks good wiht movies like andaaz apna apna ,golmaal (old one ???) ,padosan and dil hai ki maantha nahi ..
u can watch it over and over again..

Taureandude_23 aka TD23 said...

Molbile ke liye itna kuch. just goes on to show that we are so dependent on cell phones dat we cant even seem to get rid of em in our dreams:D
btw Andaz Apna Apna is a classic, i can watch it umpteen no.of times n not get bored:D
btw hws Kismet Konnection?
take care

KP! said...

wow so many movies:). u r addicted to movies:).


RADhika said...

oh contract is that bad, that it is giving you all such dreams?!?!? what the hell is RGV upto now?!

Iceman said...


Anonymous said...

gone mad to watch only bolly flicks over the weekend huh? i say u wasted it. but considering the dream u got, its worth taking the pain to waste the weekend on them to get such weird dreams at times. u see, these dreams are a priced procession :P

Keshi said...

lol @moby! cute one there Chakoli.

**Kismat Konnection

r u talking abt Connections too? :)

btw u watch so many movies? not fair :(


Chakoli said...

@Arvind :))

Yup yups... with those movie... u are bound to get those drmzzz. :DD

Golmaal is amol palekar..utpal dutt movie... it has title song.. golmaam hain bahi sab golmaal hain :))

Even chupke chupke..angoor.. :))

good ones I wud say :)

Chakoli said...

@Tarun :))

yups... we are getting slave to those machines :((

Kisamt Konnection.. dont even dare to watch it.. no movie no stry and nthing to watch :(((

take care dear :))

Chakoli said...


yup yup sort of:))

when u dnt have naything to do :DD

Chakoli said...


yup it is... and RGV is about to come up with next PHOONK :((

Chakoli said...

@Iceman :))))

Chakoli said...

@Harshasrisri :))

Nopes It ahd one of the hollywood flicks as well.. gone with 60 secs :DDD

hehehehehehe.. I naver planned that to get dreamz I need to watch these flicks :))

Chakoli said...

@Keshi :))

Didnt had much thing to do...apart frm killing my time :(((

yup moby is cute na :)))

Kismet Konnection a pathetiq movie I wud say :((

vijay said...

GM Chaks

baap rey, kitnee pictures dekhte hai rey tu..

i cant see 1 in months :))

yeh, the mobile is stinking so much, can smell it rite here :P:P:P:P

go get another 1 :D


Anonymous said...

My God....u sure had an eventful weekend :) Have you watched Roman Holiday? Watch it, its one of my favourite movies!

Chakoli said...

@Vs Sirjee:))

Humm Hum hain baki sab pani kum hain :PPP

actually didnt had anything to do... :PP

yup it was stinking in my drmz... :PPP

Chakoli said...

@Homy :)

Is it will surely wtach it dear :)

Keshi said...

lol @pathetic! I knew it straight away, from the movie name that is!


Trupti said...

LoL. you looks like very big fan of movies.

Urv said...

//Not the Hero but my moby

You got me there.. Haha..

Way to go girl.. Some real classics u saw there.. :D Keep it up.. Its been so many days since I saw a movie.. :(

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha Ha.. I guess its high time for you to get married....

You uise Sony Ericssion too? What model? Mine is SE P1i

vijay said...


wid so many movies 1 week end, no wonder

singh is king
& bollywood is queen :P:P


Solitaire said...

Hahaha! Funny dream...err nightmare I mean.

Whatever said...

Damn your dreams are better than mine maybe because I am more of Hollywood buff, imagining myself as Spidey who doesn't need any heroine to save his mobile but just needs to spin his web.

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