Just read this :

Children laugh 400 times per day, as opposed to adults, who only laugh 15 times per day.

Any parent who experienced this?I agree, kids laugh at the weirdest things. And also believe that laughter is part of their cognitive development. Moreover, I think kids who tell and listen to jokes are learning about language, connections, and irony. Those who have a well-developeds sense of humor have a better outlook on life and an easier time interacting with their peers. Isn't?

Another thing I read :

Women laugh more than men: about 126% more.

So who's left?Kids laugh, women laugh and is it that Men are laugh getters!!!!!lol :O . It could be , if you think back to the class clown in elementary or middle school, it was a boy. Isn't? ;)

So, What makes women the laughers and men the comedians? :d That question is still up in the air. Or is it that women laugh many a times on silly things and men just to impress women keep making fun of themselves. whatever...may be the science of laughter could digg out somehting and gives us an answer.
Or anybody has an answer....?? :v

And just read this guys Its beautiful by vs on Daughhers

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Keshi said...

I laugh alot...u can see that from the number of 'LOL's my comments hv everywhere in blogville right? :)

I think women laugh alot more than men cos men think its sissy to laugh too!

there u go, I laffed again!


Ankur said...

i laugh a lot!! :D
i think no one can laugh more than me.. i just need a reason...
many a times in the class rooms teachers ask me, during meeting too ppl ask me, y m i smiling... :P

i just tell them.. i have a smiling face... cant help it! ;)


how u doing

Aaarti said...

hahaha.. reading that had me laughing!!

yep, i do laugh a lot.. and wen am not laughing, am smiling, grinning or upto no goood!!:D

but i have come across some men who have a smiling face.. always beaming!!! and others sour faced ALL the time!!!;)

Vrij said...

You get married and then u'll know the reason for this study's result.

Anonymous said...

It is tough to laugh when there is boundaries.

Parul Gupta said...


its my first visit on ur blog....liked it...wld keep popping in agn...


Reema said...

I would say men like to impress women by being the funny guy and thus crack PJs. I havent heard a woman crack a PJ!!! and I havent come across a funny woman blogger's blog!! All the funny ones are written by guys. So I guess humor is a tool used by men to mark their presence. :)

niceguy251 said...


Children definitely laugh the most. As far as women are concerned I am not sure but they do seem to laugh at small things. Men, you know better.

Take care

Anonymous said...

yes .. kids laugh more ..i used to laugh more while i was a kid..
nowadays i just smile almost every time i am talk someone :P
personally i have seen more guys laughing their heart out than girls ..

Anonymous said...

Men have the ability to laugh at themselves too... and in many cases they act funny, its because a woman wants to feel happy... and children? they're the cutest ones on this planet... so they get the unanimous clean chit! :D

Solitaire said...

I laugh more than Ankur. I swear. People think I was born laughing.

Phoenix said...

:) I think men's limited power of expression is among their biggest disadvantages in life.

Chakoli said...

@keshi :)


yup seen them :))

thats wy it is said women laff more :DD

Chakoli said...



Thats good... but men are laugh getters :PPPP

i m fine...hw abt u?

Chakoli said...


Thast good i made u smile:)))

yup...all people exists...even in my ofc thr is one gal whom i have never ever seen smiling :DD

Chakoli said...


then I wud have more reasons to smile is it?/:PP

Ankur said...


lagi bet!! :P

Chakoli said...


which boundaries??

Chakoli said...


Thanks dear :))

welcome welcome hain :)

Chakoli said...


is it:))


Chakoli said...


yup... cud be on silly things :PP

Chakoli said...


it shows you usually hang up with guys :PPP

Chakoli said...

@Harsha :))

yup agreed dear :DD

Chakoli said...


ohh so u never creid?? :PP

Vinz aka Vinu said...

nice post..
actually i had noticed this...
during those college days, it was girls who used to laugh more for PJ's that guys used to crack..
(i used to wonder why girls laugh at my jokes too...)

by the way, i feel guys are those who enjoy their laughter much more than anyone else..


Geetika said...

Interesting findings!! ;)

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