Chedte Raho.............................................

Just imagine a couple or be it any relation in that matter, even brothers and sisters if for ages they just keep on complimenting/complaining how boring, dull, unexciting life it would be.
And so to spice up your life... tease each other I mean a bit of "chedkhani".

Teasing for fun is usually misunderstood by people and that’s the reason its darker side could be seen in different form like bullying, victimization and sexual harassment and who could forget Ragging?

Teasing teaches us the elements of communication. It is fundamentally uncertain, so it forces us to pay attention to all aspects of an interaction in order to decipher its meaning. Whether a tease lands as intended depends in part on the relationship between the teaser and one being teased. When cold and unfriendly people tease anyone at all, their actions generate more anxiety, pain and embarrassment than amusement. The intention of the tease is called into question, and the game loses its balance—it becomes far more fun for the teaser than one being teased. Still, whether teasing is done between lovers, friends, or parents and children, partners in play invariably wind up liking each other more. :L

Its usually dal fry with ghee wala Tadka... ;)

But men and women may respond differently to this form of play: Women tend to get hurt by the pinch, while their partners become more energetic. It may be that men are just more used to teasing, as they tend to tease more throughout the course of life. At the same time, women seem to have a stronger emotional reaction to potentially hostile drive. :v

Despite its potential for misuse, poking fun in fact oxygenates social life. As it is strategically ambiguous and based on the assumption that individuals are close enough to tease, it gives relationships breathing room—especially around potentially troublesome issues—while simultaneously deepening the intimacy of the relationship. Teasing's side effect—shared laughter—brings loved ones even closer

So? Line maar le re baba… line maar le…

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Reema said...

Good post on teasing :) Boys really love to tease and as I grew with no brother (only elder sister) I'm quite touchy to teasing...I interpret it as ridicule. :)

niceguy251 said...


LOL. You are right it does add spice to a stale relationship but it is an art by itself.

Take care

Anonymous said...

teasing friends in a gang is always a fun but i guess we should be careful prolonged teasing can make the other person a bit uneasy and peevish ..
ab line kisko maroon..collge khatam .. :(
bahar koi sundar ladki nahi milti

Anonymous said...

So, if someone slaps me for chedkani, can I refer them to you? :)

Solitaire said...

Line maaro but lakshman rekha paar na karo.

vijay said...

hie chaks,

the fun of teasing @ childhood is some of the best time I've had in my life.

now , the fun has only increased, by teasing more :))))))))))


Chakoli said...


hehhehehehe :))

even i m and just love teasing and to be teased :DDD

Chakoli said...

@niceguy :))

yup it does :)

Chakoli said...


arrey bloggerville mein hi koi dhood lo :))

jaroori ahin sunder ladki ho... ;)))

Chakoli said...



and i ll convimnce her to slap u just once :PP

Chakoli said...

@sol :))

haan yeh bhi hain :))

Chakoli said...


i knw u shud be an expert uptill nw :PP

Keshi said...

I dun like too much teasing...yes I end up crying!


Anonymous said...

Line maar le re baba… line maar le…
Pakka ?

Anonymous said...

Very good post... i think i'll implement this lesson to "put line" on my latest crush *blush* :P

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