New Words...

Defreind: To remove a person from one's list of friends on a social networking site.

drink the Kool -aid : To become a firm believer in something; to accept an argument or philosophy wholeheartedly or blindly.

Crackberry : A BlackBerry handheld computer, particularly one used obsessively; a person who uses such a computer obsessively.

Retrosexual : A man with an undeveloped aesthetic sense who spends as little time and money as possible on his appearance and lifestyle.
Do people like this exists, I wonder :o

Baracknophobia: Negative feelings about U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama, particularly those based on racism or unfounded rumors.

Barack Obama and there comes his phobia :O

DWT : Driving while texting; driving a car while reading or sending text messages.

Wife Acceptance Factor : In an object, especially an electronic device, that normally appeals only to men, the qualities or features added to or modified in the object to make it acceptable to women.

When they would accept there wives I wonder? ;)

Joy to Stuff Ratio : The time a person has to enjoy life versus the time a person spends accumulating material goods.

Thats a good one I guess :)

Lipstick Lesbian : A lesbian who is beautiful, stylish, or markedly feminine.

Eeehhhh!!! :D

Type - T Personality : A personality type that regularly seeks out thrilling or dangerous experiences.

Is this for terrorists? :o

Candy Bar Phone : A cell phone with no lid and with a rectangular shape that resembles a traditional candy bar.

Text Message Injury : A form of repetitive stress injury caused by excessive use of the thumb to type text messages into a mobile phone.

Irrespective of whether I m driving or not, my fingers are unable to type in a message. Problem is that "meri moti moti ungliyon se aksar do button dab jaate hain " :$

Hathos : Feelings of pleasure derived from hating someone or something. :D

Guyliner : Eyeliner designer for and used by men.

Did anybody used them? :O

Technosexual : A male with a strong aesthetic sense and a love of technology.

Yup, I have seen many :L

Hedonic Treadmill : The tendency for a person's economic expectations and desires to rise at the same rate as his or her income, resulting in no net gain of satisfaction or happiness.

Ubersexual : A heterosexual man who is masculine, confident, compassionate, and stylish.

Ooooohhhh lalalallalalallaa... someone like Johny Depp? :L

Tweetup : A real world meeting between two or more people who know each other through the online Twitter service.

Lipstick Effect : During a recession, the tendency for consumers to purchase small, comforting items such as lipstick rather than large luxury items.

Yottabyte : 2 to the power of 80 (approximately 10 to the power of 24) bytes, or a million trillion megabytes.

Tattoo Regret : Feelings of embarassment or remorse caused by having one or more tattoos.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Courtsey : Wordspy


Amit 2.0 said...

I like this one..

The anticipation one feels when waiting for a response to a text message.

I just texted her for a date – but now the textpectation is killing me.

Chakoli said...

@Amit :)

hehhehehehhee :))

Expectation... lol :PP

Keshi said...

Very interesting new-age terms there! :)

**Technosexual : A male with a strong aesthetic sense and a love of technology.

nice but wut abt a woman who equally loves technology..a techie like me? :)

mebbe I should call myself Technosexualite. lol!


Chakoli said...


Even I was wondering...

nothing for women :((


yup cud form a new grp and come up with new wrd :))

HOBO said...

One word for me pleaseeee ???

arvind1187 said...

ha ha ,, good one,.... ;)

i liked defriend ..its so common these days ..
baracknophobia is awesome
technosexual too :P

harshasrisri said...

I've a candy bar phone! :D :D

Reema said...

LOL :D I just removed a person from my blog roll and orkut list :)and came over read a word for this act. :) Yup i know some retrosexual men!
Good words!

Taureandude_23 aka TD23 said...

hey Chakoli
that was an interesting list. i liked the technical terms:P Technosexual, tweetup etc
take care

homecooked said...

Wow.....nice compilation Chakoli :) Where did u get this? Or is it your own creativity shining through ! I enjoyed reading this.

Vrij said...


Fuckitol: The panacea for all pains!

Chakoli said...


u cud choose one :))

Chakoli said...


u hit by phobia?/:PPP

and u shud be technosexual?:PP

Chakoli said...


is it... I hot it to be a girly type phn :((

vijay said...

good research Chaks,,

keep adding

btw. good morning.


Chakoli said...


yup i read abt that :))

so nw u have good words? :DD

Chakoli said...

@Taurean :)

yups... fr a tech savy people they are thr landmark :DD

Chakoli said...

@Homy :))

naah not mine...

i mentioned site name..wordspy :DD

Chakoli said...

@Vrij :)

is this named by u?:PP

Chakoli said...


thanks :))

subh prabhat :DD

Vrij said...

Nopes. Credit goes to Keshi!!

Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

Thats very interesting Chaks!!!

Keep Adding;-)

And have to defriend me....?? Long time no see....

harshasrisri said...

My phone is rectangular and has no lid. does it mean that its a gal's phone?

niceguy251 said...


Some of these are really rib-ticklers.

Thanks for sharing.

Take care

mazak said...

liked the new look .... very enjoyable read n elightening too ;-)

RADhika said...

hehehe.... good list... especially that 'technosexual' one... now i realize even i;ve seen many! :)

maverick said...

webster and oxford could update their dictionaries from here only :D

Whatever said...

hey those were nice ones!! One more which we commonly use, its more of desi type:

NCFM : Naya c****(censored) of Fucked up Managers


PS: Those who don't know NCFM is national certification in financial markets :)

Veens said...

hahahahaha! is this the new slangophobia :D

good one :)

vijay said...

good morning,

how was de weekend. rains aplenty :)


homecooked said...'ve been tagged :)

mirrorcracked said...

Very enlightening! I'm a vottabyte ubersexual! :D
Let's go have dinner! :D

KP said...

good ones !


Lipstick Lesbian...great

Geetika said...

Interesting one!!

Ankur said...

wat was this!! :P

watever was it but i liked it!! :P

Chakoli said...


sab kuch samja nahi to aacha kaise laga? :PP

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