Old Friends..

Smiles Smiles and Smiles... they are showering like anything.

Reason .... Meeting some old friends...

Hugs, smiles, warmth,emotions, gossips, life, fun, naughtiness and sweet memories.... to be back soon :))

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)
Warning : If you have bought some dress from “Westside” and you are going shopping and might visit Westside, you don’t even think of wearing it. You could see that same colour, same design same size apparel hanging in or one of the mannequins wearing it.

You know how it feels when you are in front of a mirror image , a girl wearing same dress as yours. Its like she using your husband!! Yes the feeling the same. Am I m exaggerating? Could be…. But same dress… same colour…same designnahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
When I choose a dress, I try that it would be worn just by me. No one else have this replica. A unique dress for just so unique girl. Well, I suppose most of the girls would think that!! Or they don’t?

Well, I usually haven’t found any girl wearing same type of design as mine, but few days back when I was at Westside I saw the same dress hanging there which I bought three years back in Gurgaon. How could they come back with same design, I wonder!!

Whatever, I still think no female would like to see her mirror image in front of her. Be it just clothes image!!!

Am I wrong?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Finally Search is over!!!

Its loooooong that I have been searching ... and one fine day you realize it was under your nose!!! It happens right!!

kahi door ujala tha...
par aankhon ke samne
aandhera tha...

woh badal the kaale...
ya dhoka tha....

sapno ne kahi humhe
roka tha...

aas liye dhood rahe the...
humsafar ko...

par humsafar to
humhare saath tha...

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Change is GOOD!

One of my friend recently complained that you are not updating your blog on regular basis. To which I answered I have so many things to write but still I don’t know but I don’t feel like writing!!

Well, any form of expression of thoughts is beautiful but somehow I wasn’t feeling to express things!! Wanted to be in my own shell. Strolling with my thoughts, knitting emotions with them and feeling them!! Just for yourself!!

Life is good if you change yourself is what I have realized!!

Well Change is always good…. Or rather that’s the only good thing in your life!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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