Warning : If you have bought some dress from “Westside” and you are going shopping and might visit Westside, you don’t even think of wearing it. You could see that same colour, same design same size apparel hanging in or one of the mannequins wearing it.

You know how it feels when you are in front of a mirror image , a girl wearing same dress as yours. Its like she using your husband!! Yes the feeling the same. Am I m exaggerating? Could be…. But same dress… same colour…same designnahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
When I choose a dress, I try that it would be worn just by me. No one else have this replica. A unique dress for just so unique girl. Well, I suppose most of the girls would think that!! Or they don’t?

Well, I usually haven’t found any girl wearing same type of design as mine, but few days back when I was at Westside I saw the same dress hanging there which I bought three years back in Gurgaon. How could they come back with same design, I wonder!!

Whatever, I still think no female would like to see her mirror image in front of her. Be it just clothes image!!!

Am I wrong?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Tarun Mitra said...

Sharing your husband?????
U are overreacting now...is husband a trade able item bought and sold over market..like shares or even derivatives..

No coming to your Dress..I can only say one thing U are careless while shopping or just plain jealousy of your ilk

and to your last questions...Girls don't (nay never) like truth

"Mirror shows our own image, only thing is we fail to recognize it"

Sapphire said...

Ha!Ha! You are so right - it feels like you are sharing the same husband/boyfriend :D :D Ha!Ha! I hate it when someone wears the same thing am wearing - it happened to me once...and sadly, at my friend's birthday party where she wore the same thing I was wearing - so in a way, I stole her thunder and am sure she'd be hating me for that :)
For making her special day not-so-special :D

Reema said...

it happened to me too! encountered another girl wearing same top in short version. I had spotted her first so somehow i avoided her path and went out of the mall. :D

Jack said...


Good that you are not in Defence Forces. You would have had to see so many in the similar dress all the time. Little over reaction. But if it is not at the same time or same place, it should not bother you much. As far as design of 3 years vintage is concerned, may be they saw you wearing this and copied you. LOL. Relax.

Take care

Anonymous said...

LOL....Westside is recycling fashion now !!!!

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