The Art Of Burping!!

So, the other day when "he and me" were discussing on burping, he shared how his grandmother used to take loudest possible burp with sounds followed by hari om!!And, if I recollect even in my family I did heard those sounds after any meal!

And I said - I guess we are used to that kind of sound. Its now that we stepped out of our homes and know all these etiquette and manners that we try to reduce our sound and in a controlled manner , otherwise even we would have been one of those who makes the loudest possible sounds audible atleast 10 ft :).

I always appreciate "God" for his engineering and again with the burping art I got another chance to appreciate him once again. I mean what a science... the air you swallow while eating , is trying to escape and hence we burp!!

As a kid when I used to drink limca... which is still one of my fav soft drink , I remember my Einstein bro told me a strategy to let that gas escape... open your mouth and nose and let it go!! After every drink, when I was about to burp I used to open my mouth wide and nostrils much wider [atleast I tried] so that all gas can escape at one go but no luck :)

I googled about burping, and found that even this has a world record of longest burp being some one minute and x secs..Oh Boy!! How could you burp for so looong and that tooo in a planned manner , my imagination is not going that beyond so I'll leave the world record.

But as a matter of fact "the more you burp the less you fart" ;) now that's easy gas has to escape from somewhere... it all depends which system of your body is working hard for you :P

So how do you burp?The loudest possible ..or you let it go as light as feather ..

I feel , the "way" is not important... more than following the principle of letting it gooooooooooooooo.....

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Just to Post

Since the day I have changed the password of my work machine, I m not able to digest that thing and eager to puke out that I have set the funniest password in my life. But irony is that, I cant share that...Every time whenever I login I  feel happy about it and praise myself.

I know its not a big deal, but still at times sharing gets so important. Anyways... that was it on password!!

Just other day, while watching TV where they highlighted watch India v/s Pakistan on channel # xxx, I switched and when they showed India Team line up... I was surprised that Virat Kohli is the captain and apart from him, I don't know any other face!! Ahhhh... that's when I thought when was the last time I had watch a match, I mean it was really a saturation... every now and then some league/series and so much BUZZ, that I thought I'll take  a break but it seems it was a bit longer break!!

Yesterday night I had the weirdest of dream possible...dont know how... but I met Kareena Kapoor , and she then cut my nails [which were really in bad shape] then gave a hair cut as well..I mean all by herself and my mother after seeing me, appreciates me that every time you should get haircut from her only!! thats like the weirdest dream possible!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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