Rakhi ka swavyamvar!

So this is the latest HIT!!!
New drama… new gossip… new entertainment!!

There have been many shows trying to do match making but going for a swavyamvar was the most unique and unusual idea. Actually this idea dosent match Rakhi Sawant !! Or it is because of rakhi sawant the serial is hit!!

I m proud of the innovator who cracked this idea! Fresh and all “copyrights reserved”, As after Sita maiyya in satyug it is Rakhi maiyya in kalyug!!

It has all the mirch masala that is needed , and its still hard to belive that Rakhi could have so many fans … lovers… and hubby!!
Somehow, my gut feeling says that at the end there would be a new dramasome guy” would pop up saying “Rakhi is already married to me” and she is mother of two!!! You never know!!!

Till now we have copied all shows from west Indian Idol, Kaun banega crorepati, India got talent and many more….

But this is India’s Innovation !!! I wonder if West would like to copy this. What it would be ?

Pamela(Anderson) ka swaymanvar or J Lo in search of a Hubby Ho!!!
Whatever… I think it would be Manas(he’s cute na…) winning Rakhi. What you think?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Hey got info about scorpions… Was reading Linda Goodman’s Sun sign and it says that 95 % it happens that when a Scorpio is born , within a year ahead or earlier there is a death in his family and when a Scorpio dies there is a new baby born in the same family within a year.

It happened with me, I lost my grandfather that very same year , don’t know whether there would be some one new coming once I die…. Even I remember one of my frd Scorpio who lost her close relative that very same year. But another friend of mine hasn’t faced this ….

Even if this phenomenon is observed I could not find its significance!!
Anyone who is aware of it?

Blame it my inquisitive nature ..but need to figure it out!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Sixth Sense!!

The best part of today was that my sixth sense reacted so strongly.
There is one of my manager who sits in Chennai and I have never seen him, just heard him… . After my intital conversation only my mann ( I mean heart) said that he should be short heighted!! This was in my मन ( heart I mean), I never shared this with anyone!! Such a big secret!! ;-)

But today as we were talking about how people speak on phone , I informed my peers – he should be short heighted , this I feel due to his voice!!
And then I confirmed , with another guy who has seen him.

And it was yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee for me!!

Then , there was a another question… What would you say about Amitabh Bachan. Is he short or tall? Infact you could start a business, आवाज़ से जानिए अपनी Height!!!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… making fun of my sixth sense….

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Dont do it!!

My little nephew who is just 6 months and has started tasting delicacies is very choosy!!!

When we give him anything that is “edible” from our point of view he will analyze it , rotate it , view it from angles, toss it, box it (to see if its strong enough) , this usually takes about 3-4 minutes, then he’ll put it in his mouth . And if he didn’t liked it, he simply throws it.
But when anything non-edible comes to his hand, for eg : paper, wool,slippers,glass, magazine, remote, cellphone and the list could continue…it would go straight into his mouth!! And just few days back , he actually chewed paper.

Earlier I used to think, that as soon as we hear a “NO”, and we were tempted to do that, but what about a kid just 6 months old, who doesn’t understands anything!! Is it that by birth we have an inbuilt trait!!
If anyone who mediates, in the initial days we try to concentrate and “NOT” to think about any thing else, and this reminds us that we still need to get back 500 /- from one of our dear friend, kaam wali bai’ nahi aayi to you need to clean utensils, I still need to call my aunt who was ill…. And so on….
Just do it…

Close your eyes and DON’T imagine the pink elephant…

What you did?...

Then we can’t help it…..isnt…!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


I m in new office …well office… I somehow disagree.. its fish market!!!
Trust me it is … and we are “fish sellers”… !!!! Screaming … shouting “take my fish…take my fish”…. Its delicious.. its tasty…yummy… its juicy… !!! and me being the leader !!!hahahahhaa….( I know that's a joke ;-))

Any how, few days its was really bad for me to get adjusted to this “market”… but now I have adjusted and a simple way to that is…” keep your ears closed”… and eyes wide open… and mouth even more widerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

You guys might be wondering “which sector its is”?

Don’t worry , this is a modernized fish market with all ac rooms.. well equipped , provided with every luxury but job is same “ Fish”!!! This is telecomm account , with design , testing, release are given to different companies but all sit on one location . And luckily or unluckily I belong to testing… which is usually busy with finding bugs in design… which are not accepted by design team…and release is there to bridge the gap between the two… so overall Chaos!!!!

Whatever man…
paapi pet ke liye bahut kuch karma padta hain… aur abhi to recession hain !!!
Bando pe reham kar!!!Ameen!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

New is Back!!

I m sitting in front of my comp , logged in to my blogger account and could not fathom what to write!!

There are so many things going in my mind… new office… new people… new work… new way… new vehicle….ahhhh…. !!!

In all this new… me “Old” is not able to fit in!!

Am I walking tooo slow… or people are too fast…

Whatever… I m happy with my pace!!!

Hopefully… not to get lost again..

Btw…How are you guys?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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