Sixth Sense!!

The best part of today was that my sixth sense reacted so strongly.
There is one of my manager who sits in Chennai and I have never seen him, just heard him… . After my intital conversation only my mann ( I mean heart) said that he should be short heighted!! This was in my मन ( heart I mean), I never shared this with anyone!! Such a big secret!! ;-)

But today as we were talking about how people speak on phone , I informed my peers – he should be short heighted , this I feel due to his voice!!
And then I confirmed , with another guy who has seen him.

And it was yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee for me!!

Then , there was a another question… What would you say about Amitabh Bachan. Is he short or tall? Infact you could start a business, आवाज़ से जानिए अपनी Height!!!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… making fun of my sixth sense….

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Jack said...


Your sixth sense seems to be good. In your previous post I hinted that your nephew is as independent willed as his aunt ( You ).

Take care

Anonymous said...

there are many times when our sixth sense comes perfectly true and there is no known (to me) reason for it.

good u got ur 6th sense true right here.

Nautankey said...

Leave the voice..reading your posts I feel you are of average height and complexion send me the DD if i am right :)

Chakoli said...


:))) are always independent willed... u cant force them at all...

Chakoli said...


quite true...but soemtimes it is bad as welll

Chakoli said...


u r wrong dear..
i m short heighted ;-)
nw return my DD with interest :P

RADhika said...

it feels so nice when sixth sense comes true... it is a rare phenomenon you know!! :)

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