I m in new office …well office… I somehow disagree.. its fish market!!!
Trust me it is … and we are “fish sellers”… !!!! Screaming … shouting “take my fish…take my fish”…. Its delicious.. its tasty…yummy… its juicy… !!! and me being the leader !!!hahahahhaa….( I know that's a joke ;-))

Any how, few days its was really bad for me to get adjusted to this “market”… but now I have adjusted and a simple way to that is…” keep your ears closed”… and eyes wide open… and mouth even more widerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

You guys might be wondering “which sector its is”?

Don’t worry , this is a modernized fish market with all ac rooms.. well equipped , provided with every luxury but job is same “ Fish”!!! This is telecomm account , with design , testing, release are given to different companies but all sit on one location . And luckily or unluckily I belong to testing… which is usually busy with finding bugs in design… which are not accepted by design team…and release is there to bridge the gap between the two… so overall Chaos!!!!

Whatever man…
paapi pet ke liye bahut kuch karma padta hain… aur abhi to recession hain !!!
Bando pe reham kar!!!Ameen!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


CM-Chap said...

AH..moved to telecom testing... Ha ha enjy the multi vendor fun ;)

Reema said...

i m just happy u r back to blogging regularly!

Sam said...

so u moved to panchsheel park ? wow good humor :)

there are always going to be diffs between the dev team and the testing team come what may :P

Jack said...


Thank God you are back and in fine spirits as usual. For last many days I was thinking of sending mail to check what happened. Nice to see you back and in FISH market. Now I can look for your views on all posts which you missed.

Take care

ruSh.Me said...

You left Pune?

Chakoli said...


yes... no other option ;)

Chakoli said...


thx dear :)

Chakoli said...


nopes... nt to panchsheel park...

yes that is always thr..

Chakoli said...


yes :)

yes for sure :D

Chakoli said...


naah dear..
i m still here..

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