Rakhi ka swavyamvar!

So this is the latest HIT!!!
New drama… new gossip… new entertainment!!

There have been many shows trying to do match making but going for a swavyamvar was the most unique and unusual idea. Actually this idea dosent match Rakhi Sawant !! Or it is because of rakhi sawant the serial is hit!!

I m proud of the innovator who cracked this idea! Fresh and all “copyrights reserved”, As after Sita maiyya in satyug it is Rakhi maiyya in kalyug!!

It has all the mirch masala that is needed , and its still hard to belive that Rakhi could have so many fans … lovers… and hubby!!
Somehow, my gut feeling says that at the end there would be a new dramasome guy” would pop up saying “Rakhi is already married to me” and she is mother of two!!! You never know!!!

Till now we have copied all shows from west Indian Idol, Kaun banega crorepati, India got talent and many more….

But this is India’s Innovation !!! I wonder if West would like to copy this. What it would be ?

Pamela(Anderson) ka swaymanvar or J Lo in search of a Hubby Ho!!!
Whatever… I think it would be Manas(he’s cute na…) winning Rakhi. What you think?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Jack said...


I have seen bits and pieces of this show. I agree this is a brilliant idea for a show. She has proved her business acumen. West copying it, it would be such a fun to see those who you mentioned and many more, Britney etc.

Take care

Anonymous said...

LOL Chakoli..yahan par bhi aise serials hain. Full of drama and what-not! BTW where were you all these days?

Reema said...

dont know watch that show and never will :)

Keshi said...

Is Rakhi the Indian Paris Hilton?


geet said...

madam ye show already USA main hai.. its called 'the bachelorette' . but not so much drama like this.


~mE said...

o this is a copy as well..i remember there was a program on similar lines but minsu the mirch masala minus the gossip minus all the drama and hype :)

mazak said...

welcome back :)

Kachra said...

well u r wrong .. this has been picked up from US of A too ... there is a show where multiple guys try to hit a date with one gal .. and finally one lucky guy wins .. and they add loads of other melodrama into it ... I guess we call it swayamvar .. the gora's call it date ... the best part is it did not end in marriage .. it ended in engagement :P so sometime later they wud show a breakup ... and Rakhi is ready for Swayamvar again :D

Anonymous said...

I still think the guy she has chosen is the best of all of them...

i sorta like his bald headline... :)

Ankur said...

haha... rakhi ka swayamvar!! :P :P
she sucks anyways so i wont comment on this! :P

hows u doing?? where r u dese days??

Take care,

Iceman said...


Its such a joke!

Sapphire said...

you've been tagged :)

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