What Else!!

Suddenly I realized I have changed a lot!!
Yes I have… I mean no dancing, no blogging, no bunking office,and moreover no flirting!!!
Seriously something has changed!!!

I realized how boring I have been… !!

Don’t want to do dissection or RCA ( root cause analysis) of this . as why what went wrong ? But thought of again rewinding!!! So I m back…

Atleast with blogging!!

And dancing…

And bunking…

And and and… flirting!!! I know the reason of that atelast… not even a single good looking guy around!!

You know when you join any office, first thing you would see is people around you… if they are soothing …good… humourous… somehow you ll like to come again to them. But then if you don’t find even a single motivator!!! Bad it is…. You don’t feel like coming back and that s THE reason I don’t like my “new office”… :-(

Anyways, I’m just back from my vacation went to Madurai and Ramaeshwaram . I m not that religious to visit theerths(holy places) but wanted my parents to do that. But still loved the place. Meenakshi temple is so very beautiful!! And ramaeshwaram temple, its so huge and ancient. Truly loved it. And how could I forget palliyar patti. Thanks cm-chap for being our tour-guide. But the trip was amazing!

Hope to be regular now… well I should be!! That’s what time management is all about!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Anonymous said...

an hi from america.

good to c u back and expectin tht u wont vanish suddenly and wud be arnd for bit more long time than the immediate time frame in the past....

ab to rakhi ka swayamwar bhi ho gaya and then almost usne breakup bhi kar dia.

so time to move on and time for u to give us ur enchaning morning ragas of ur insight :P

Jack said...


Just be yourself and carry on with what you like to do as long as your conscience allows it. Hope to see you regularly now - here and in my space too.

Take care

Reema said...

welcome back!

lost soul said...

Means u'l come for a trip now... no more ignoring us.. yay... m loving it....

Homecooked said...

Hope u had a fun trip :) Where are the pics Chakoli? No good looking guys around??? Yeh kaunsa office hai bhai ;)

Chakoli said...


thanks jii :))

heelo from INDIA!!!

time is always there to move on ;-)

Chakoli said...


everywhere u cud find me now :P

Chakoli said...

@lost soul

yes yes..
i m everready :D

Chakoli said...

@Reema :)

thanks buddy :D

Chakoli said...


pics..there are too many ...but didnt uplaoded... I took a hard copy of thiose :P

yes...this is unique one ..isn t:P

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