People Around You!

Don't you get fed up with citizens some times? Their bad behavior, inanity, egoism, insensitivity, rudeness ? Of course you do. You hate their road rage, line-up jumping, loud talking on their cell phones in elevators, on trains and busses, their inability to realize that they actually do have to pay at the grocery check-out counter. They wake up with a start when presented with the bill and start the fumble for handbag, purse, exact change, in pennies, which they never have. The guys and gals in packs who force you off the sidewalk, the drivers who cut you off and who are going too fast or too slow instead of, like us, the correct speed?

I could go on - actually I will. The smokers who blow smoke out of the side of their mouths, straight into your face as you walk by (well, they would have to be smokers to do that wouldn't they?). The people who drive on highway on two wheelers at a speed of 80/90 and still keep talking on mobile phone, the people who have a habit of repeating one thing for 10 times, the people who argue with you for no reason , the people simply howls , the neighbors who play loud music, are hard as rock and keep on jumping on your ceiling , the people who don't pick up after their dogs, the people who are cruel to animals, and especially the predators and criminals abounding, and so on. (Full disclosure: I lined up to pay at the grocery the other day, and realized that I had forgotten my wallet. Dumb!). (OK. It's not quite full disclosure, but it will have to suffice)…………….
So what we do?

Nothing… more then simply writing up this post!!

Keep Faith


Jack said...


The list of such annoying deeds is never ending one. But your forgetting wallet is not one amongst them as it may happen to anyone unintentionally.

Take care

Sam said...

wow buddy, gusse wala post nd then in the end in ur sense of humor light kar ditta mood :P

yeah i understand whatu say here. in pune aise logo ki bharmaar hai, pune kyu sab jagah.

the people just forget they r in public place. and not only the less educated ppl do, in fact most well educated and top class ppl do so.

esp in malls. when they bring their grown up 4-5 yr old kids and who just keep going arnd everywhere arnd u , take things out n throw :)

u can try this :

give their own medicine to them. give them a good dose.

they d be startled!!

Vinz aka Vinu said...


right said...Dont carry such thoughts..Dumb it at the earliest..

thts all v can do..

ruSh.Me said...

And I thought, I had anger management issues... Well, Mine is the scoldings I yell out of my helmet on the Pune roads.. Phew!! Glad to know, someone shares my sentiments!!


Ricky said...

At least we have a venue to vent out our frustrations ;-)

homecooked said...

Oooh...quite a list I must say! I hate it when people smoke in public places...specially when it says "No Smoking". Hmph.

Chakoli said...


yes... but how to blame urself ;-)

Chakoli said...


medicine dont help..
they need jaddu ki jhappi or jaddu ki pitti ;-)

Chakoli said...

@Vinu :))

we need to :D

Chakoli said...


u wont belive even I keep on shouting all around ;-)

Chakoli said...


but everyone has... some do and some dont :D

Chakoli said...

@Homy :)

i knw... its disgusting :D

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