Newspaper and loop..

Thoughts flow the best at night on when I m in motion, I mean when I m driving my pleasure.
That was just a statement… Upcoming lines have no relation to it!!

Except on Sundays, I m not able to read newspaper fully. Reason my nephew G. Earlier it was T and TOI and now it is T and G. As soon as he sees people turning something called as paper, he shouts crawls and there he is snatching from you. Even if you try to do it sitting at some corner, his eagle’s eyes would catch you. But actually I should blame my time management for this, Ideally I could get time at night to read newspaper, then the blame goes to my 10:30 morning call , ideally for which I should start at around 9:45 but for that you need to get up at 7:00 but then for that you need to sleep at 11 at least, but for that you need to be at home at least by 7 then again for that you need to reach office by 10:30… see… that’s the loop!!! So actually I m not missing newspaper as I have a toy to play with.

I just completed Go kiss the world by Subroto Bagchi's. A must read book for every IT professional and budding entrepreneurs. The so called normal child , how he build up himself and how he build in Mindtree. At a early stage while working in Wipro , the way he was asked to give 120% , how he went wrong in making up decision to quit wipro and join L&T. Some how I was able to relate myself with him. He did mentioned that as you become a experienced professional, the choices are narrowed and you look for a similar kind of role and profile which was quite true.
He spoke about his onsite venture, how he was placed in a motel (where usually all WIPRO executives used to stay) but actually it was not amongst the recommended ones. And many more instances….

And also I read Imagining India by Nandan Nilekani, somehow I didn’t liked it . The volume and publicity given to the book just could get from buyers but appreciation is something which is still a long way for that book. I mean this is not expected form a person who has served Infosys, its good that he chose a different topic but somehow I feel he was just travelling in India and abroad and telling instances. He could have portrait about the youth power in a different way… . Everyone is aware that India has youth power but how we are using it is the question. I m highly disappointed by this one…

Keep Faith


Anonymous said...

oh this were one of the 3 books u got from cw :)

kids today are special ji. and they are 1000 times ahead than what we were our times.

toi ko kid fad deta hai to try sakal times or dna :P

and dont u think u r too meticulous with the timings. be on the fly ji.

be dynamic and be flexible. as they say in those fyi mails from the manager and stuff....

n u too have morning calls :P

Jack said...


Nice book reviews. One has to find time to read newspaper not only for headlines but some nice articles too.

Take care

Jack said...


Nice review of books. One has to find time to read newspaper. Not only headlines but some nice articles too.

Take care

Chakoli said...


naah ijii yeh to pehel wali thi..
abhi nayi wali shuru hogi :D

dynamic and flexible...ohh is that... but my sal never goes to dynamic mode ;-)

Chakoli said...


yes... thats hwat... but noe now :(

Anonymous said...

are this companies expect us to be dynamic not our salaries. even if we r dumb and nto active , they would give us same figure when we wud be active n dynamic!!

CM-Chap said...

Hey Thanks.. wil read "go kiss the world"..

I nvr realized ur back to full time blogging

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