Swine flue !!
This swine flue has given me a new business idea. Now what its is? And what’s the base for it?

Yesterday I read in pune times that there is a new rock band with name “Swine flu” . Atleast not for the talent but they are on front page for there name! What else do you need man? A bit of publicity…

So what’s the idea?

Swine flue moisturizer

Yes… After washing my hands for every hour my hand appeared as “drought hit area”. It was so dry that I thought even cactus could grow here.

So I thought of preparing a moisturizer which is a combination of hand sanitizer long lasting moisturizer

And what should be its name want something catchy…


Wine Flu!!!

On the pack I would put a pig’s photo or some hot model?

Some of the things I need to finalize!!

Please do buy it …once the pack is available…

If you want to order it… please do drop an email… free home delivery!!!!

Tin tin tiddin!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


ruSh.Me said...

Wine flu bahut cliche ho jayega... It should be subtle..!!

Jack said...


Looking for a partner? When is production starting? Best of luck.

Take care

PS : Please let me have your mobile number so I can pass it to telecallers offering all kinds of loans. You will need one for setting up factory. LOL

Sam said...

will u courier it to US? Free of charge ?

or do i courier u the alcohol hand sanitizers ?

its a craze here to wash hands every half hour.

Chakoli said...

@Rashmi :))

Kuch suggest karo..

Chakoli said...


partner ... yes... need finances ;-)

Chakoli said...


U need to come to India for that...otherwise shipping charges!!

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