Foodie Point :

Yesterday , in my canteen “Parle G” were missing and suddenly I felt tea so boring(that’s with a fact that I’m a tea addict ). Then at night I thought, how many things (concerned to food) are there which are just integral part of my life and I can’t live without them.

I’m very fussy when “food” is concerned. I just can’t eat “anything”. If the food is not per my desire I’m happy to stay hungry. But still “those hunger strikes” don’t reduce my weight. Boooboboboohoohuhohuhuhuhu….

Anyways coming back to my food love :

  1. Parle G : I just love it. I remember when I was in London , I bought this 4 /- wala pack in 2 Pounds. Damn!!! But I love it. Btw, anyone who knows who's that child on parle-g pack?

  2. Bournvita : That’s something which I love with chilled milk. You don’t get this “crunchy tasty” bournvita in London, there they have just the powdered one , so when I went for the second time , I carried a bournvita pack along with me . :D

  3. Fig/Anjeer : That’s one dry fruit , I ‘m in love with and could munch any time irrespective of the fact that I m hungry or not.

  4. Tea : That Red label Natural Care one, yup before it came into market I was bearing with plain red label. But this natural care is just amazing.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Aloo Chaat

Yesterday , I went to a DVD’s shop near to my house, where you could also get “pirated” ones. Now, I can’t spend 150-250 bucks for a movie like Aloo Chaat!!! So, the best option is go for a pirated CD.

Now, as I asked him for a CD and verified how’s is the audio and video of this , his answer was – Madam yeh “original” ki copy hain !!!

I was impressed by his answer… Original ki COPY!!!!!

Whatever, yesterday I saw Aloo Chaat… and if I have to rate it it is still better then Delhi -6 and Dostana. Trust me. I know nobody would go out to watch Aftab shivdasani (He's a cute guy. isnt?)… and Kashish… but still movie is good. One character to watch out is “Chadami (Sanjay Mishra)”. He is real spice of the film. And moreover the message they are trying to convey is done in an appropriate manner and presented very well.

Btw who is this Varun Gandhi? And why is he making so much news?
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Politics!!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Back Back...

Just woke up....
ये चिलमन से आई हैं रौशनी
या देखा हैं मैंने एक ख्वाब हसीन.........
कुछ अजीब सा इत्तेफाक हैं
कि आँखों के सामने हमारा वही हसीन खवाब हैं !!

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