Foodie Point :

Yesterday , in my canteen “Parle G” were missing and suddenly I felt tea so boring(that’s with a fact that I’m a tea addict ). Then at night I thought, how many things (concerned to food) are there which are just integral part of my life and I can’t live without them.

I’m very fussy when “food” is concerned. I just can’t eat “anything”. If the food is not per my desire I’m happy to stay hungry. But still “those hunger strikes” don’t reduce my weight. Boooboboboohoohuhohuhuhuhu….

Anyways coming back to my food love :

  1. Parle G : I just love it. I remember when I was in London , I bought this 4 /- wala pack in 2 Pounds. Damn!!! But I love it. Btw, anyone who knows who's that child on parle-g pack?

  2. Bournvita : That’s something which I love with chilled milk. You don’t get this “crunchy tasty” bournvita in London, there they have just the powdered one , so when I went for the second time , I carried a bournvita pack along with me . :D

  3. Fig/Anjeer : That’s one dry fruit , I ‘m in love with and could munch any time irrespective of the fact that I m hungry or not.

  4. Tea : That Red label Natural Care one, yup before it came into market I was bearing with plain red label. But this natural care is just amazing.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


~mE said...

ya parle g dipped in coffee/tea is heavenly :) im am mostly a complan girl :D
Tea- i like to try different brands..and i am total ad influenced person..:) Right now i am into flavoured teas :)

niceguy251 said...


Parle factory is near Delhi. So please do let me know if you are coming this side to let me arrange your visit to that place. You can have not only Parle G but all other varieties too fresh from the oven.

Take care

homecooked said...

Nice list. I think all tea lovers have to have ParleG. My hubby is one of them :) We also use Red Label. I should look for the one you mentioned.

mazak said...

Parle G and Bournvita makes one nostalgic ... it has been ages since i last had both of these .... :(

Sam said...

i love bournvita..esp with sugar :) when i m hungry and i dont find nethin else, i go and eat bournvita and sugar :)

so u r a englishwoman :))

CM-Chap said...

lol.. Parle G / Bournvita. Come on girl growup... Drink V8 :)

Vrij said...

Parle G is good, Tiger is better.

And it tastes better with plain Red Label rather than Natural Care...

mirrorcracked said...

People still eat Parle G?? :D :D

Chakoli said...


Compaln GIRL!!!

Chakoli said...


ahhhhh... do you get that aroma of fresh baked parle g :P

Chakoli said...


just try it dear...its tooo good :D

Chakoli said...


why so?
who stopped u frm having them? ;)

Chakoli said...



I used to mix bournvita in malai (cream) and make a paste of it...and then wud spread it on parle g... to amke acream biscuit :D

Chakoli said...



i m grown up gril!!! ;-)

Chakoli said...


u r tasteless ;-)

tiger and plain red label... :PPP

u r growing old u see :PP

Chakoli said...


boys thrown out of scholl and who dnt fit in a school bus dnt eat it :P

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