Aloo Chaat

Yesterday , I went to a DVD’s shop near to my house, where you could also get “pirated” ones. Now, I can’t spend 150-250 bucks for a movie like Aloo Chaat!!! So, the best option is go for a pirated CD.

Now, as I asked him for a CD and verified how’s is the audio and video of this , his answer was – Madam yeh “original” ki copy hain !!!

I was impressed by his answer… Original ki COPY!!!!!

Whatever, yesterday I saw Aloo Chaat… and if I have to rate it it is still better then Delhi -6 and Dostana. Trust me. I know nobody would go out to watch Aftab shivdasani (He's a cute guy. isnt?)… and Kashish… but still movie is good. One character to watch out is “Chadami (Sanjay Mishra)”. He is real spice of the film. And moreover the message they are trying to convey is done in an appropriate manner and presented very well.

Btw who is this Varun Gandhi? And why is he making so much news?
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Politics!!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Ricky said...

Aha, so it was 'Copy ke Original' ;)

Now that you have mentioned it, I will watch Aloo Chaat though even am not willing to spare a penny on it, so it will have to be online.

Varun Gandhi is Sanjay Gandhi's son and to be frank he hardly had any identity of his own but now with all the hoopla will become a pakka politician.

Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

I never thought of watching a movie like Aloo Chaat.......but after reading this.....I too will visit the DVD/CD shope to get one Original ki Copy!!

Have a goood day. Keep Smiling :-)

Vrij said...

Why not just download it overnite using torrents?

mazak said...

Even i would like to see and may be also eat Aloo Chat if the opportunity presents itself ,,, Sanjay Mishra is a very fine actor :)
Regarding Varun Gandhi, well the media must introspect, their undue n relentless coverage makes heroes/villains out of non-entities ...

niceguy251 said...


Nice couplet in the previous post. Good that you enjoyed the movie. Let me see when I get a chance to see it. Please do not vanish again.

Take care

Anonymous said...

aap itne din kaha thi ? aapki wapsi dekh kar hardik khushi hui.

u were missed. daily dose se weekly dose and then gayab :(

Varun Gandhi, the new dumb headed politician...

dont buy pirated movies now :)

Keshi said...

what does ALOO CHAAT mean anyways?



Chakoli said...

@Ricky :))

hahhaha...even online they upload pirated ones only :)))

yup dear I m aware who is he...what I mean ti say...why so much footage to himm :D

Chakoli said...

@Jiggy :))

thanks sweetie :))

Chakoli said...


even downloading is same isnt... they upload piarteed copeies only :))

Chakoli said...


yup indeed... he is quite good in every movie :DD

seriiouly... this varun gandhi kand is getting too much...

Chakoli said...


thx sirjee :))

even i hope the same :D

Chakoli said...


thaks a lot dear :))

what to dso...recession ak time chal raha hain na :DD

Chakoli said...


Aloo chaat is usually a spicy dish made up of aloo and lots of chutney (basically tamarind, tomato, green chillis etc..)

its delicious.... a bit sweet-spicy-and souir...

Anonymous said...

Lol...Maneka Gandhi's son :)

I should watch it then. Actually I quite like Aftab Shivdasani :)

Reema said...

U r kidding about VG right? U do know his identity.

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