Hey got info about scorpions… Was reading Linda Goodman’s Sun sign and it says that 95 % it happens that when a Scorpio is born , within a year ahead or earlier there is a death in his family and when a Scorpio dies there is a new baby born in the same family within a year.

It happened with me, I lost my grandfather that very same year , don’t know whether there would be some one new coming once I die…. Even I remember one of my frd Scorpio who lost her close relative that very same year. But another friend of mine hasn’t faced this ….

Even if this phenomenon is observed I could not find its significance!!
Anyone who is aware of it?

Blame it my inquisitive nature ..but need to figure it out!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Anonymous said...

oh cmon u belive this to be true ?

Jack said...


This needs a survey to bring out truth. A lot is said about sun signs in general terms but how far those are true is a mystery.

Take care

PS: No comment on my post this time?

Anonymous said...

weird things people keep track of .. not meant you .. but Linda !!

Chakoli said...


Why shudnt i beleive in this?

Anonymous said...

i mean there is no scientific proof here. is it ?


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