Kal Aaj Aur Kal Tag...

Homy dear tagged me and so here it goes....
Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right) Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.
Yesterday (Kal)

Your oldest memory
What were you doing 10 years ago?

Today (Aaj)
Your first thought today morning
If you built a time capsule today what would it contain?

Tomorrow (Kal)
This year ….
What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

Yesterday (Kal)
Your oldest memory : Oldest LOL…. . I don’t know, which one is the oldest as I remember many things of my childhood . People say that my memory is good , and as soon as I was born I started writing up my diary ;) .So I’ll just take up here what I like the most…
We (read it as 4 children) were playing on a terrace of a building which didn’t have any boundary wall. I was the youngest. Don’t know what happened to my mind but it ordered me to have a look at the road as how it looks from 4th floor. As a loyal slave, I was right there on the edge, with just a foot resting on floor other one was in air and I was looking downwards. When some guy actually screamed to tell my uncle that I might commit suicide and he should save me. Now suddenly, all crowd was looking upwards, some unfolded bed sheets, some unfolded there arms just in case I jump, they could save me. Now I was more curious, as why people are standing like this and staring towards me? I bent more……. :D
What next?

Nothing, my aunt came and pulled me.Ahhhhhhhhhhh… I was saved !!!!!! :~
Story ends here……

What were you doing 10 years ago? : Ahhhhh… 10 years ago…I was in Love. :L Yups I was ……
Its exactly ten years from now, that I had a huge crush on Shahid Afridi and I used to scribble his name on each notebook, each book, each piece of paper…..and that very same year he got married to his cousin . :@

Today (Aaj)
Your first thought today morning: Ahhhhhh… tomorrow(19thAug) is a holiday, just today I need to goto office. :v

If you built a time capsule today what would it contain? : Ingredients to prepare tea infinite nos of times and all music cd’s, cassettes, and some of books which I want to read, as reading online or on lappy is tooooo boring. :)

Tomorrow (Kal)
This year ….: hehhehhehhehehe :)
Evey year brings up something “new” in my life for sure. For this year may be it’s gonna happen or is it already done!!!!! ;)

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now? There are so many things in my mind…

  • A Boutique
  • Dance Classes..
  • An NGO…
  • A Financial Expert…
  • Or… 2 kids running around and screaming mamma- mammma…. :D :O :D :O

I want to tag : Amit, Nirmal,Vrij,Reema,Radhika,veens,abx,vs

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


niceguy251 said...


Wish you all the best for last one about 2 kids. May God grant you your wish.

Take care

Reema said...

Thanks for tagging me :) Its quite an innovative tag. 4 th floor!!! my god! we dont have a holiday tomorrow. what holiday is it?

Anonymous said...

I am unable to understand what the first paragraph says but yes I like the last paragraph.
Best Wishes !

Anonymous said...

Nice Chakoli :) Loved your tag. Looks like you were a very curious child :)

vijay said...

:D :D Chaks,

so u do have sucidal tendency fram a raw age :P:P:P:P:

10 years from now, the last option - 2 kids shouting ..mamam mamamama - most likely kya?

he who laffs last , laffs the best na :)))


Geetika said...

Nice blog :)
n particularly Keep faith.

Anonymous said...

LOL ...
how were u standing with one leg.. i would have lost my balance with my two legs on the floor. :P

>>2 kids running around and screaming mamma- mammma
:D thats sounds so sweeeeet .. . :)
shahid ??
he nev4er gets older ..does he. ??
his age used to be constant at 21 for more than 3-4 years..
they displayed sames age in the matches all those years :D

interesting tag..
oh i am sad u dint tag me :( ... LOL
anyway i would steal it.. :P thanks :)

RADhika said...

i just wish your 14 years wala dream come true! :D an you get all the time to visit yoru boutiques, and NGO, once you are free from your kids! and then give us some finance advice!:D

Just kiddin... nice to know abt u! :)
and the tag will be completed soon!

Keshi said...

Nice plans for the future Chakoli :)


KP said...

Afridi crush was funny...:).

great plans for future!

A Financial Expert is great, I might hire ur services(hopefully its free!)

Iceman said...

just 2 kids?

LOLZ.. I'd love 12.. would make my own IPL team... and get really really rich! :D

Sindhu :) said...

Ah! The suicide story was good :D :D

I used to be craaaazy about Ricky Martin :D I had his picture stuck on the shelf of my door and religiously kissed that pic everyday :))))))) your Shahid Afridi reminded me of that :D

BTW.. am not sure if there was supposed to be a background picture in the page..but I see only a red background with red/green colored fonts... think you can tweak it a little change the colors to a lighter shade? Seems a little tough on the eyes :)

Sri said...

I have been reading your blog for quite sometime..only in this blog I came to know that you are SHE not He....hehehe...anyway Afridi..u mean the cricketer?He is just too much build for his age.I hated him to the most.

Anonymous said...


Chakoli said...

@niceguy :))


thanks dear :))

Chakoli said...


it was "parsi day"

do it fr sure...its fun :DD

Chakoli said...

@Hobo :))


i wonder u wrote same lines on aarti's post... what it means?

Chakoli said...


thanks to u dear..:))

coz of u it happened ...my tag :))

Chakoli said...


suicidal tendency...
yup but at later stage they changed :(((

Chakoli said...


thanks fr the visit :))

Chakoli said...


so what u do then... use ur arms as well to balance :PPP

nopes nw Afridi is old... :(((

he dosent look that charming :)))

arrey u cud take the tag :)))

sorry fr nt tagging u :((

Chakoli said...

@Radhika :)))

drmzzz unlimited :)))

yup yup...do it soon :DD

Chakoli said...

@Keshi :))

thanks dear :DDD

Chakoli said...



u knw hw a "free services " is ... :PPP

Chakoli said...

@iceman :))

hahahhahahahha :))

kewl idea :DD

Chakoli said...


thankfully u came to knw that :)))

Chakoli said...

@Sindhu :))


nopes i never had nay posters... :((

but u followed him religously good :)))

i guess.... there is no picture in the bgnd... dnt know why is it apperaing like this fr u :((

Chakoli said...

@Harshasrisri :)))))

thanks :)

Ankur said...

i really liked this tag.. its a good one...

and the last one after 14 yrs is best... but just 2 kids!! :P

i thought u will say 4.. .hehehehe!!

and 19th august kis baat ka holiday tha??? :O

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