Dreamzzz Unlimited!!!

I guess my sub-conscious mind has suddenly become too active!! :)

This is the phenomenon I’m observing since last 3-4 months. Whenever I watch Discovery, Animal planet, National Geographic channel all with different types of animals, that very same day I dream about them. I won’t mind if they come into my dream wandering in jungle, but they make sure that I’m utilized completely with them (Optimum utilization of resources). :P

First being those anacondas and cobras… I got a horrifying dream that they are on my bed and have hugged me as well. And when I wake up in morning and try to get rid of them. They did bite me. Poor me. That’s was the end of dream 1 :(.

Next it was crocodile… Now the task was to cross one peak and reach other, but there was a small pond, into which there were deadly crocodiles. And while doing this, I stumbled on one of those and there I woke up ! :#

Next was with hippopotamus , I saw that I was having a ride on them . A hippo riding on another one … lol… :D
And the series could continue… but I wonder why just animal kingdom into my dreams is, I do watch many movies, gaana-shaana….!! Nothing morantic(I call romantic like this) turns up….

I guess that’s what growing age does…. !!!! :O

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Scribblers Inc said...

now thats reallly creepy!!

Scribblers Inc.

Chakoli said...


yup yup :))

arvind1187 said...

lol ... when even i play age of empires that night i fight with at least 3- 4 dynasties and conquer them .. ..
and though i dont get to see animal planet and discovery i get dreams of snakes around me every nowand then ,,
i wonder why ???

nice theme..i envy you blogspot people..u have so many templates to choose from and then u can edit too :(

Chakoli said...


u win...are you sure...:PPP

in dynastysies animal are found easily na:PPPP

and about ur template... dont envy...switch to blogger wrld;-)))

but somehw I cant visit ur page... ecah time I open it and there is some memory refrence error...and it gets hung!!!!!:-((((

arvind1187 said...

yeah i win in my dreams .. :P
well i cant shift now ..after almost 1 year in word press ..
and moreover i find wordpress much more user freindly..i have one in blogger too bt i dint use it beyond a single post

memory error.. never heard of such error in blogs ..

try from reemas blogroll or nikhil's blogroll..

~ ॐ ~ said...

this should make you qualify for a job with one of these channels :)

Reema said...

Nice template!!! Funny dreams!! hippo on a hippo :D LOL

Aaarti said...

1st things 1st.. LOVEeeeeee the new template.. where'd u get it from?? pls to be letting me in on it.. looking for something fun~~

Whoa.. now that is creeepy.. Gurl, stop watching those channels plss.....

or think of something else, or read something nice or watch a cartoon before going to bed~~ lets see if that works as an antidote~~:)

comfortably numb said...

pass d croc an alpenliebe next tym:D

Amit 2.0 said...

how morantic .. :)?

freakyTechie said...

..M dead sure that growing age doesn' do all that! It's gottabe something else, probably, even more interesting :)


Vrij said...

"A hippo riding on another one "


Sometimes biwi also gets such inspired dreams!

Ashu'z said...

doog template chakoli :)

ruggedboyz said...

hey chucks
jumping allegators, sleeping with cobras you are almost turning into 'katro ke khiladi" but true this is not what it should be like

you should be getting "knight in shining armours" not obnoxiously different creatures


Ankur said...

gosh!!! :P

looks like u r movin into animal planet!!! :P


btw. this template is cool but it takes yrs to load!!!


Chakoli said...


Chalo..thr is atleast one place whr u cud dominate;-)))

sure will try it agian:))

Chakoli said...


i wont mind...but spending ur life in jungle....uggggggh!!!

not my cup of tea:))

Chakoli said...


yup...a hippo on hippo...not fair na:DDDDDDDDDD

Chakoli said...


try out this one...


u cud find something kewl fr urself:)))

yup indeed its creepy:))

I do go fr cartoon as well..but some how dont find them in my drmzzz:(((

Chakoli said...


fr sure:))

Chakoli said...


Thats the prob it is not:)))

Chakoli said...


What is that something else...I wonder!!!

Chakoli said...


thats isnt funny It is THE FACT!!!!:PPPPP

and biwi mite be getting vrij riding riding on donkey;-))))

Chakoli said...


thanks sweetie:))

Chakoli said...


Thanks fr the comments..
but tell me whr r u ??

its been long time that u posted any new post??

so hw r u??
too busy kya?

Chakoli said...

@Ankur jee:)))

Aisa nahi hain:))

Aapka netwrk slow hoga....:PPPP

fr me toh it takes the normal time:))

~mE said...

hehehe :)
funny don't see all these before you sleep :D I get dreams too but mostly me being live in front of them clicking them or watching them free in wild :D

so im ok with such..:))

anacondas on your bed...gosh would they fit in :D reminds me of Calvin thinking monsters below his bed :D

Keshi said...

hahahaha @hippo ride!


Keshi said...

Chakoli check out my Dumb Blonde Moments post on Wed. It'll make u smile :)


harshasrisri said...

i love to live in the forest with animals like those... except snakes....
I had a morantic dream once where a girl in blue dress came to me and dissolved into thin air.... since then i have made up my mind to sleep in a freezer one day so that the dissolved girl can freeze and appear again... :P

Iceman said...

A hippo riding on another one … lol

errr.... ROTFL...

ur dreams r bumper! ROTFL...

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