Men more then capable of true love!!

Came through an article in one of the newspaper, the author is Mark Fisher .Just wanted to share it…

Men get a lot of criticism from women. We are shallow, we cannot show our ­emotions, we are unfaithful given the opportunity and we listen too much to our circle of friends. Well, let me tell you, that’s just not true at all. I give you... me.

I have been in a loving relationship for almost 20 years, there was nobody before and will be nobody after. Men scared of commitment? I beg to differ.
I fell in love at first sight and have been 100 per cent committed ever since. I’ve obviously messed about with others in our 20 years together but that has to be ­expected. The thing is, it doesn’t change anything about our relationship whatsoever.

Unfortunately, my one true love is not very attractive you see, and sometimes you need something different, something easier on the eye, something that you can enjoy aesthetically without having to form that ­emotional bond. Some people will argue and suggest that this is wrong. I suggest that it’s just human nature.

Men are shallow, are they? Well, let me tell you that is not the case. I’ve spent two decades of my life in this relationship and it’s not based on looks whatsoever.

Sometimes she can be attractive (I don’t deny that) but that is on very rare occasions indeed.

She could do with a bit more up top but I don’t ­complain. Why? Because it doesn’t matter. There’s a ­connection that goes deeper than just what you see.
Women think men are emotionally devoid. They are so wrong. I wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to showing everyone how much I love her.I’m not ashamed, I sing to her, I talk about her all the time, I even have a ­T-shirt which says how much I love her.
Mates won’t come between us either. They are always teasing me about her and her many flaws, parading their own loves in front of me, like an episode of Bullseye ­showing me what I could have won.
I stand up to them though, I don’t care what they think, they won’t come between us. I will defend her ­regardless ­until the day I die.
So, as you can see, the criticism we get is unfounded and unjustified. Before I go I suppose I should tell you that “she”, my one true love, is none other than West Ham United. So if we can do it for our football team, but not for you, then maybe you women are the problem. :o

Just wanted to add...Men will be matter what....!!! :f
If its Football here, Its Cricket in India...:-)) :D

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Courtesy : thelondonpaper


Ankur said...


even women love sports but!! !:P

and a true feminist posted it, eh!!

kiddin re!! :D


Chakoli said...


women love sports but they just love it.... and could love men as well...:-))

Whereas men... just sports...!!!;-))))))))))))

Cricket football and F1;-)))

maverick said...

lol..that was nice :)...

juventus for me :)....

Chakoli said...


will it matter??

the name is "SPORTS".....:PPPPP

under it name anything from gilli-danda to kabaddi;-)))

Amit 2.0 said...

good one. but I guess you posted it somewhere sometime back ?

maverick said... does matter...sports is very generic...some people love to code...ask them java or .net makes a difference??world of difference isnt it :)

howz ur day going on...u didnt reply to the mail ystrdy !!

Chakoli said...


so u read my posts on o3 as well...and this was quite an old one.....

Yup I did it, but this is among one of my fav my posted it agian:-)))

each time I read it and there is msile on my face:-)))

Chakoli said...


ohhh then for some itis just gals... see...u can get every category out here;-)))

ahhhhhhhhhh lol... I told u i m nt a very freq in checking my mails....hehhehehhehehee:-))

bear with me pulleeezzz...:-))

once I m home, I hate to waste tiem on net...:-)))

i ll reply today:-))

maverick said... ll give u a solution..gimme ur official email id...rather u can drop me a mail from ur official id ..n then i ll reply back from my official one :)

Chakoli said...


ohhhkies...tell me ur email I dnt remebr it;-))

Sam said...

I knew this would be a tricky one, men being all that is immpossible!! ;)

Keshi said...

hahahaha and before I read that last line, I was abt to say I WANT THAT MAN! blonde me. lol!


Phoenix said...

Nice are like that!!

Amit 2.0 said...

ya. well ..u know . when you like an author you read all his/her work.. right .. ;-)

niceguy251 said...


You have been too good at slaughtering the chicken while making it feel you are doing it a favour. Nice way to keep men on toes.

Take care

Chakoli said...


yup sometimes they actually be "more intelligent" then u:-))

Chakoli said...


u still could have him...he s all urs;-)))

Chakoli said...



Chakoli said...


I toh usually go by the content:PPPP

Chakoli said...



Yup thats was afvour...infact I showed what guys think;-))

Amit 2.0 said...

true.. i like an author for content.........but you woudn't like to miss something better than you are reading just because the post is in archives..

Solitaire said...

Uggh! Should have guessed...

J said...

Hahahahaha.... Brilliant, totally loved the ending :D

Homecooked said...

Hey back :) Thanks for asking about me dear. Will write back soon.TC.

Taureandude_23 aka TD23 said...

hey Chakoli
that was a very interesting piece:D in a way i agree with the author:d ultimately boys will be boys na:D this gender wars are never gonna end, so i just take it with a pinch of salt:D
take care

Anonymous said...

very well said :) cricky is a national religion and men get all the stick for all good they do and all the bad they tooo

vijay said...

Hie Chaks,

yes, men will be men

& women will be women

fbut is that not how nature made it 2 be? :))

yet each seeks out the other, seeks appriciation from the other, love from the other :)

thats gr8 na


geet said...

hehhee... i was ready to ask you who is this guy... coz i hvnt seen any in my exp yet :D

Keshi said...

no tnxx lol!


Amit 2.0 said...

Good morning . :-)

Nirmal said...

hehehe nnaa i love gals and sports equal..

so i wud date a gal on stadium..heheh..

great post..

Anonymous said...

ohh...for once... i thought it was Hilarious... :D i knew that it was not a women he was talking abt...but FOOTBALL :D hehhee!

good one :)

Anonymous said...

what men love is far from what women can understand... men care about things only after a certain threshold... and anything below thwm doesn't matter... and women think better than men but, they think so much of things that seem trivial and unnecessary to men.... if this rift is dissolved, then u can see the whole world sleeping peacefully. every single day!

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