Reality Show Coaching Classes

In India, suddenly “getting fame” is much easier. Thanks to media and REALITY SHOWS!!!!
After “Learn how to search” if the next business you want to start and earn “lakhs” go for “How to be a winner of reality shows”. Or , while thinking on similar line of Cat and IIT JEE “ Crack CAT-09” , it could be “Crack – Indian Idol 99 "(I ‘m sure they would give us Indian Idol 100 as well)

So just lisiting down some do’s and don’t to be successful in REALITY TV:

  • Start pratcising STANDING on your 2 legs: Before a week of 1st auditions start drinking lots of “Glucose”,milk eat fruits, veggeis, egg,chicken ,fish anything you could and start pratcising to stand for hours, for 1st day start with 1 hour, then 2…then 3…. And the last day stand for whole day. After all you might have seen the long queues……………………………. So this is a must condition!!!
  • Be FUNKY: Try to do something which is totally stupid and only a dumb and only an unintelligent, dim person would do. IF not sure what watch “rakhi Sawant” show on Zoom ;)
  • Language: Start using dialogue like “ Mera to sapna tha bachpan se Indian Idol mein aane ka “. “ Mein paida hote huye hi maa se pehle MTV Roadeis bola tha”. Maine to chalna baad mein seekha pehle dance seekha”…..
  • Emotions: your tears should run down your cheeks before any judge even ask “whats your name?”. You should just be full of emotions…… Otherwise NO FOOTAGE DEAR!!!!
  • Parents: Remember to take your parents with you, and teach them if someone asks you with a video camera remember to say “ meri bitiya ka to sapna hain Indian Idol mein jaane ka”.
  • Use of word “F”: For Roadeis you need it man. Don’t give that Awwwwwwwwww kinda look!!! Start using it, infront of your friends, dog, neighbours, girlfriend/boyfriend and then still if you are shy the last target……………PARENTS!!!!
Was that enough?
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……………!!!! :@
Craps are like this!!!! :d
Happy Prepearing!!!!! :O

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Vinz aka Vinu said...

interesting and yet another funny post...

very true...these days reality shows had tv screens like anything... i wonder what those people think..that common man is a fool to believe and relate the 'reality shows'..??

~~Mera to sapna tha bachpan se Indian Idol mein aane ka “. “ Mein paida hote huye hi maa se pehle MTV Roadeis bola tha”. ~~

hehe ..those lines were funny..!!


Keshi said...

haha good one Chakoli!

Reality Shows r for those who dun hv an identity to call their's. So they drag all Western slang and other bits from everyone else, just to look cool. Sadly they end up looking like they've just been on the 'puke' bus.


Chakoli said...


They are dear.... they are....just look at the crowd standing for the audiotions...the crazy people.... just one dteam to get famous.... :(((
saaad...but true...dont knw where young crowd is heading!!!

Chakoli said...



on puke bus :))

very true... identities given by poeple who alreday lost it!!

Anonymous said...

IIT means Indian Idol Test, and CAT means Cry After Test... :D

mayz said...

**Mein paida hote huye hi maa se pehle MTV Roadeis bola tha”

hahaha!!! this one was hillarious...but bang on!!!

m not a big fan of reality shows n this is exactly d reason...really well put

ALI said...

Gyaan baatne ke liye shukriyaaa...

If you wud have told this earlier....
...I wud have realized my dreams by now.... :(

but now its tooooooo late.......m on the doorsteps of old age.. :( :( :(

Anonymous said...

LOL ...awesome post..
MTV roadies sucks ..
i dont know how ppl see it..and so are many other reality shows....
use the F word to attract atention .. :D
very true..

niceguy251 said...


Read your last 3 posts today. Fun to read tag. Nice dig at R T. And this one tops all.

Take care

ceedy said...

Hilarious post :)

the sayings like
do din ki chandni
raton ka raja

will finally come true :) with the shortlived "heroes"

Reema said...


Keshi said...

btw I just finished doing ur tag :)


vijay said...

hie Chaks

dont ever watch reality shows :((


Chakoli said...

@Nikhol :))

LOL...thanks for the full form :DD

Chakoli said...


thanks dear :))

Chakoli said...

@Ali :))

Arrey janab... umar se kya hota...jazba toh dil mein hota hain :PP

Chakoli said...


But still they watch it ... :((

Chakoli said...


Thanks a lot dear :DD

Chakoli said...

@Ceedy :))


quite true :D

Anonymous said...

all the best for ur new business... :P so when 're u gonna start off with the mega project? and... wud u accept any recommendations from my side? :P

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