Traffic in Pune!!

Since last two days … some wonders are happening in Pune. Whats is it?
At peak hour i.e between 9- 10 am when I start from home, and it takes just 30-35 minutes for me to reach office. Whoooopieee…!!! Suddenly, traffic has vanished. Not sure where? All traffic signal are “GREEN”… or even if I get a red light, I get it clear in just one signal. That’s really the 8th WONDER!!! I mean it could happen for a day, but 2 consecutives dayzzzz… I can’t belive it. Seriously!!!!! :~

In India, let me stick to Pune and not India I guess. So In Pune, what going ahead means? Especially when there is ahuge traffic.!!! Not that you reach the final destination first but how many centimeters and inches you could move your vehicle in huge traffic. How you can get off the road and cross 5-6 vehicles and stand ahead of them.

Somethings that I observed:

  • If you want to turn right, stand on extreme left and take a huge right bypassing all waiting ahead of you. :@
  • Here , nobody sees traffic light, just follow the vehicle ahead of you. If the vehicle is crossing, that means it’s GREEN and you need to follow him!!! :d
  • If one is stuck in a “traffic jam”, 2-wheelers are bound to start moving from left hand side, tiny bit of “so called land “ left.If you refuse to do so, they will blow horn so loud that can turn you DEAF!!!! :(
  • When 20sec are left for traffic light to turn to GREEN, start up your vehicle and start blowing horn and start moving slowly. This actually leads to “obstruction” to other side vehicles but who cares? :#
Whatever, I ‘m enjoying my ride. And just to get this happen everyday, I mean “less traffic”….. kaala tikkkaaaaa for that n :O
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


ruSh.Me said...

and don't ever dare to stop before the stop line... the stop line is for pedestrians who cross the signal coz on the zebra crossing..the vehicles are already standing......

and one ritual to be followed by motorists..whether you are on 2 wheels, 3 or 4 or even more... U gotta overtake the PMT or PMPL bus from the BRTS.... sending the driver and the passengers into a "Break-Frenzy"..!!!

vijay said...

His Chaks,

can i add a few of my observations @ Pune traffic, since i am also a Puneite :)

1. 2 wheelers, incl. cycles generally ride 3-4-5 abreast, i.e. 4 vechicles side by side, talking 2 each other, occupying all the road.
2. 2 people meet & stop 2 wheelers exactly in the middle of de road & start talking. blow horn asking them 2 move aside & u will be abused - side mey jaga nahee hai kya terey janey key liye.

3. important observation is say at a signal, all r waiting, then 1 guy gets a rush of blood & goes off. most will follow.
reverse also true, people crosing in red lite & 1 person stops, rest alos tend 2 stop - what is this called - Bhed chal ??



Sandhya said...

Hi Chaks,

How u r???
I know long time no gupshup.

nyways, how is every thg going?

Manasa said...

hahaha... very true.. I don't drive so i donno the pain of driving... but yes, get frustrated seeing the way ppl honk for those 20sec...

Manasa said...

PS: tagged u!!!

niceguy251 said...


I invite you to visit Delhi and be with me for driving around.

Take care

Reema said...

I have been to Pune just 3 times so I dont have much idea but I have observed that many people there drive while listening to music on Ipods!! Thats so distracting and unsafe!
Check out this post

Anonymous said...

even in chennai traffic is like hell takes 2 hours to cover 20-25 km in peak hours..

LOL at ur obeservations..

Solitaire said...

What's the point of having traffic lights? And why is it so hard for people to obey traffic rules? Its for their own good!

Vinz aka Vinu said...


am in love with this city...i have seen many other cities...its far better than those..

whatever it is,with all its lacuna's i just love the city..!!!

anyways enjoy the traffic...!! enjoy the city..


Keshi said...

omg sounds like I can only drive in India when Im dead. lol!


Chakoli said...

@rushme :))

yups very true....

thoise PML buses are the suide bombers actually :PP

Chakoli said...


u dnt need to ask Sirjee :)))

yup very true:(((

Chakoli said...


I m fine re...whr have u been??

busy wid soemthing??wt dont know stil:))

Chakoli said...


even if u dnt... its so irritating trafiic :(((

Chakoli said...



Chakoli said...


I knw... and many are so talented taht cud even type sms... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Chakoli said...


same stry everywhere:((

Chakoli said...


dont u knw the answers to these??

Chakoli said...


Why people keep on saying this to me... :PP

I guess u mite be comparing it wid hyderabad?? :PP

Chakoli said...



then u dnt need to drive... :PPP

Anonymous said...

u r sooo cute gurlll.

**kaala tikaa**

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