Fancy Dress Competition

Whenever you clear up your wardrobe, you are sure to find something good :).
Just one day back, and I got my album, and while turning its pages I found myself dressed in a “lehnga” with a proper “ghoonghat” and my age might be around 4 years. What I was doing then? It was a Fancy Dress Competition!!! I remember, my nose ring was pinching me and I cried before actually going on stage for the pain and face on the photo was conveying the same story. Don’t know what judges inferred from it? Might be a vidai scene of dulhan that I got a first prize . LOL….
This reminded me of the first fancy dress participation by me where I was “Kishan Kanhiya” and I was not going on stage so my sweet maama had to stand just beside me on stage.
Then came the next pic, where I was butterfly, with blue wings and blue frill wala frock I sang loudly “Titli uddi udati chali….phoolan ne kaha aaja mere pass..” But Didn’t got anything for this :D
Then just one year later, my aunt came with a unique idea of framing me on stage as “Negative”. I was dressed all black and mouth painted white. Many people thought of it as “bhoot” and not negative and such a creative idea went away in vain
May be I’m not in touch with kids now, or may be that I m quite right, but haven’t seen or heard about the fancy dress competition.
What today’s trend is theme party, which are quite similar to Fancy Dress but not a competition? Whatever, somehow I don’t like them. No specific reason but just don’t like them :(
I’m still biased to kids in different dresses and masks and colours…..
what say?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Aaarti said...

How Cute!!!
and you said you were a butterfly..awwww!!:D

I guess today kids wanna be Batman, Superman, or Barbie and cindrella!!:D
they go with movies more than other stuff!!:D

vijay said...

hie Chaks

been away - goa,

so mising from ur posts.

will cum back & comment.


HOBO said...

I was once a joker and my landlord kids made a special stick for me that sounds good without any hurt if I hit someone.
Jaane kaha gaye woh din...

Reema said...

After many days!!
Butterfly!! cute! I never participated in these due to stage fright :)

niceguy251 said...


These memories are so sweet and make you wish those days are here again.

Take care

RADhika said...

hehehe.... it reminded me of my school days... even i'd become cindrella, but didnt get any prize coz many other girls were dressed similar!: P

but you even now we sometimes get a chance to dress up in a theme party, and now one of ht eonly feasible option seems to be 'retro'... :)

Ankur said...

really cute!! !

once i wore a lehnga too!! :D :D :D

and i love all the kids, irrespective of their dresses!! :D


Keshi said...


I was once a butterfly in a Kindy play, but I so wanted to be the fairy...and I was sad. lol!


Vinz aka Vinu said...

i just love the way my niece participates in such competitions..she is four...

already she had been transformed into spiderwoman, robot, vegtable {a carrot}, fruit {water melon}, animal {a frog}, bird {sparrow} and what not..

their schol Ryan got monthly competitions.. theme competitions..!!

nice post


Chakoli said...

@Aarti :))

Thanks sweetie :))

yups...pokeman, noody...or POOH :PP

Chakoli said...


no worries sirjee:))

so hw s ur trip?

Chakoli said...

@Hobo :))

lol...joker !!!

Chakoli said...



even I had...then eventually got rid of it :PP

Chakoli said...


sure Thanks :DD

Chakoli said...

@Radhika :DDD

Wow ciondrella... all fairy tale :))

so what... u didnt got a prize but was acute thing na :PP

Chakoli said...


so cud we have that lehnga wala pic :PPP

yups they are cute...but stilll...

Chakoli said...

@Keshi :)))

yups fairy fairy..:))

it such a good and sweet option :)))))))))))

Chakoli said...


such a cute getsure... :))

post out some pics of her na...wud be good to see

Pri said...

i think fancy dress competitions are pretty cute....i remember i had become a turtle when i was in the 3rd standard :p

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