The Kept Woman and Other Stories - Book Review

Whenever I see such books with short stories , I'm totally hypnotized and there my hands start itching. So thats the only reason I bought it.

Now as my daily routine goes, I read them before sleeping. So each day I used to start with it and then after a dose of "real life drama" , and a tear drop in my eyes I used to keep this book aside and so it took a whole two weeks for me to complete it.

So, you guys might have gota review of how the book is?Each and every story starts with a simple background, routine life scene but ends with pain. Each story is woven in so plain but impactful words that it forces you to think and react. Some of the words are just so beautiful . Sample these

A woman in love is never satisfied if her lover remembers her with only one part of his body. She wishes to grow like a cancer within him , to fill him with awareness and pain. That is special cruelty of love

And one thing that millionaires earn along with their wealth is enmity.Therefore, with the passage of time, they come to fear their own shadows. Each of them belives that his greatest enemy is the dark shadow that comes creeping up from behind. To escape from the clutuches of these shadows they present the beggars on the beach with coins ,donate money to charitable institutions,build holy temples and renovate dilapidated ones.

The author has combined in her writings rare honesty and sensitivity.Its about man-woman relationship and covers all dimensions. But each story reflects "the loss" when a relationship dies or when there is betrayal be by death or self!

A bit of saddist, not recommended for leisure reading. But you should really read if you want to get a taste of real life tragedy!

Although at night , I used to dream of those stories happening to me but still once you start reading you don't feel like there is nothing which can't happen to you. You get engrossed so much in the story that you feel you are a part of story may be as a witness...
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


... Madhumathi ... said...

The sample of those lines are really touching...and I think i shud read this..!! :)

Thanks for the review chakoli :)

Red Handed said...

Because of you and only because of you, i am gonna read this

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. There is a folklore that if one swallows diamond it kills. In movie CHAUHDIVIN KAA CHAAND when actor Rehman commits suicide, the maid comes running shouting NAWAB SAHIB NEIN HEERA CHAAT LIYA. So please do desist biting it as we do not want to miss you. I will try to lay my hands on this book and read as you have roused my interest.

Take care

PS : How about a visit?

homecooked said...

Good review Chakoli! Even I like short stories :)

Reema said...

no sad stuff for me :)

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