Well,  Its a FIGHT!

My heart is divided .Its struggling , pleading, deciding between two shows. Which one to watch?

Saturday 09:00 PM two shows on two different channel

  • Just Dance : Where there is hrithik roshan and moreover its my dance show. Dance my passion
  • Khatron ke Khiladi : I like it because of the stunts. They are different and people enjoy it.Its fun to watch how normal people react.
And so my remote in in MY HAND and after every 15 mins I need to press the SWAP button .

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Red Handed said...

wat a tragedy :P

But i wud have chose JUST DANCE :D

rainboy said...

go with the dance :) tc

Prathima said...

Is Just Dance new show? I am soo off Indian shows now:( But, I loved khathron ke khiladi:)

Update-Saw the Just Dance episode1. looks like tough decision is ahead of you:) SWAP is the way to go..

Ellen said...

hahahah ... I find myself in that same predicament sometimes. :-) :-)

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