Breaking News- Benefits!

Well, nothing much is happening after that Ramdev –UPA drama and now that I’m just so irritated by his face that its better I don’t talk about it.

But then our lunch session get boring. Well, we need to have some “breaking news” to criticize, discuss, argue, and blame others then only food gets digested otherwise  it remains undigested and then we (read it as IT people) need to walk after lunch which is against our work culture.

Our work culture is well defined .You are just made to “Sit & Stare” .

Okay leave IT people, they are “good for nothing” …. I was talking about my lunch sessions so as there was no topic to discuss we were eating… in fact swallowing, when we have some breaking news we can do “jugali” what cow and buffaloes do, so food gets digested easily and then we can work towards our aim… i.e. Sit & Stare.

Another reason is when you have breaking news you put in all your frustration/anger in criticizing  or finding flaws in it . ( Well we IT people can hardly appreciate anything ) and so you vent out all your negative feeling which gives you more positive enrgy and then that’s the reason just after lunch you feel sleepy. So relaxed you are. You just need a bed. Isn’t?

Breaking News .... We are missing you!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Bikramjit said...

THey are all the same ... all have hidden agendas and there own selfish reasons ...

no more good for gossip even


Sarah said...

WoW! Your blog is amazing.. I never subscribe.. but your blog is so exceptionally *Cute* :)

Harman said...

..agree..Basically its all gossip and taking out anger in form of grudges.

Chakoli said...


hehehe... yeah true... but current affairs are the ones to be discussed ;)


hey thanks dear :)

I tried reaching u buy it seems u have just permitted to few... Could I be one?


yeah true ... anger frustration.. disappointment... all

Red Handed said...

So true! Really without the so called breaking is at a standstill..first the osama death ..with anna hazare thing and the we wait :P

Reema said...

In India there is no dearth of breaking news!

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