Thanks To FlipKart

 In this cruel world, where getting something in  return of money is not guaranteed, how can one expect of the service.

But well, Flipkart did impressed me, you remember I posted a review of a Book “Few Things Left Unsaid” where I did mentioned that there are some pages jumbled up.

The very same day I posted a complain to there site and what a quick and positive response saying that
" they would arrange for a replacement and apologies for the inconvenience".

After about 4 days when I didn’t received any confirmation of when the book would be replaced or the whereabouts, I got another mail saying that

Apologies for the delay, and somehow it is taking a bit longer to arrange for a book. They would inform me as soon as they get a good quality book.
And before the completion of eight days, they delivered me the same book at my doorstep.

I was discussing this with my hubby , and comparing the same scenario to any bookstore like crossword,Walden,Odysessy . First thing again I have to go back to the shop to get it replaced and second once it is available I have to go again to collect it.

Another thing, just a mail and they agreed for a replacement what if I was just interested in getting another copy of it? They simply replaced it without taking back my original Copy. Had it been a bookstore as a proof you need to take your original one, show them the proof and ask for replacement.

Well, really a BIG THANKS and just that you guys a doing a great job!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Red Handed said...

FLIPKART really did tht!

Thats like heights of professionalism.
Lucky you maybe :P

TD23 said...

Flipkart is quite good. i was quite impressed with their discounts and quick book delivery mechanisms. two of my friends have also bought high end cellphones using flipkart.

Reema said...

flipkart is awesome! I too have bought mobile from flipkart and will be buying netbook too soon.

Smita said...

Amongst the online books tores Flipkart is THE BEST!! Be it service or delivery they have created high standards for themselves.

Prathima said...

I think it is professional to trust customer's word for the complaint. I have seen it happening here is US but never in India. I had a blender which went bad in 2 weeks and the company replaced it just with a phone call, didn't even ask me for the original one. I was amazed, but my hubby said it is the norm in US. so, looks like India is catching up.. Very nice!!

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. Relax. One can not be master in everything. As long as you know basics and enjoy it, it is fine. You dance for your enjoyment and not for show. Learn as many things as you can but do not fret if you can not be master of it. I agree some to the organisations are very serious in handling customer grievances. That is called Customer Service and hope others too learn it.

Take care

Ellen said...

Wow! wish there more like them!! A rare breed.

Sh@s said...

Wow! Thats truly customer care. A lot of my friends swear by flipkart. said...

wowww .... my friend who is a manager at flipkart will be delighted to read such reviews !!

Rachit said...

seems there are people still with business ethics :)

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