Lazy Me!

 I can cook, I can dance, I can blog (Well, I think so),I can code, I can test, I can stitch, I can do embroidery, I can paint, I can be a beautician, I can be a hair styler, I can be a philosper, I can be a player,I can be a …

And the list continues…

But in all this I’m NOT A  PERFECTIONIST!

Well, yes, Just watching yesterday Just Dance, I realized that although I can do so many things but there is nothing in which I ‘m PERFECT. Any dance form , any instrument, any sports, any style just anything of which I should be THE PROUD OWNER. It belongs to me! And I’m the maetro of it .

I don’t know, but is it because of my lack of passion or laziness or is it because of the way situation moulded me. In school I was advised to be a good scorer and also somebody who can cook, stitch, knit and do all household work. In this my passion of dance was still was nurtured but was a second priority

Once , I came to college, people made me belive that I’m a good dancer! And then I used  to think about dance and yes mills and boons and other romantic novels.

As I joined my job , I learnt salsa, and tried growing more in dance but then I was stuck up with performance, appraisal, and onsite.

After few more years, I tried my growth in spiritual learning and started learning Reiki and Tarot . Became passionate about these and started working. But again, I was caught up with the laziness and settlement in life.
That was my story!

And I’m sure there would be many like me as I have heard from many of my friends, some want to work for NGO’s , some want be a painter, an artist, some want to learn Braille , and some want to open there own company, writing their own book and so on….

But don’t know where the DREAMS or thoughts get dumped?

Why is it always caught up with the LAZINESS ?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Ellen said...

Oh but don't we all wrestle with laziness at some point ... or in our everyday ordinary mundane lives?? Lols cos I do too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Why be the best at just one thing if you can be good in a lot of things?

Reema said...

laziness is my biggest enemy too :)

Prathima said...

I am too lazy to even think about why I am lazy ;0
I am "thinking" of having some hobby from a long long time now.yet to find something:(

Priyanka said...

I think it has more to do with the fact that we are in a rat race aimed solely at bettering our lifestyles i.e earning money. And once we realize that dreams are too important to be dumped and life is too short to waste, we are already past our prime, and some.

And laziness is a major part too *guilty look* :P

Nice post!

Bikramjit said...

It is common problem we all do that.. and i think its good this way to know a lot rather then be perfect in only one dept. you are stuck now you can blend into a lot of stuff ...

in todays volatile world its better to be good in a lot of things


Harman said...

very true..everyone wants something and ends up doin something or want more then that ...never happy..
this is thought is very provoking ..we wrestle with it all the time!

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