Rain Rain!!

I hate it when it rains when I have to come to office. I mean exactly the same time when I’m ready to hit the road and rains starts!


So much “extra” clothing is needed, well I drive a two-wheeler and so you might be aware of what I mean by extra clothing!!

--First, make sure to keep an extra pair, just in case you get drenched you can change
--No stylish footwear, just those plain floaters
--Once you are ready, wear another jacket so that even if raincoat is not able to prevent you your actual costumes don’t get wet! And also if they are transparent, it also prevents the embarrassement
--A big bag, with tiffin, shawl, towel, extra pair of clothing and mobile on your back
-- then comes the raincoat
--a scarf/stole on your face, to avoid those spalishing of water from bikes
-- a helmet on top of that

After so much effort, if suddenly it strikes you that  you have to give a  call to somebody, or want to get money for petrol. Ahhh…. First remove the raincoat then, take out your bag, remove your stole/scarf pull out your mobile and then call and again dress up!

At times I feel I’m going on a spaceship.

Well, even I heard similar narration from some other male colleagues who come in shorts and vest over that a raincoat, and as soon as they enter rush to washroom to get dressed up. Well, that’s a kewl idea.

And also, some bike riders wear polythene packs on their feet so as to protect their leather shoes and socks from getting muddy and drenched!

Rainy Day during weekdays…. Its really horrible!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Red Handed said...

I get you!!!
Just imagine my plight.
I have fully white uniforms and i am in KERALA...whr else can it rain more pathetically. Muddy roads and autos who want to drive past you only after splashing a pool of mud on you.

Being a student, its bus for me..grrr

I so wish this rain thing stops

Sarah said...

A towel?! I've not imagined that. I wish you hadn't put that pic, it's so indecent.

Bikramjit said...

:) I would say the same tooo, but thnakfully the last week and this week is nice warm and sunnny :)

but rain is good toooo maybe not too much :)


Prathima said...

I love getting drenched, but not when going to office. Used to take a cab if it rained during weekdays:)

bloghok said...

hi all..wachaaaaaaaaaa


Euphoria Eureka said...

:) ;)

lilasvb said...

i will be in mysore next week... rainny ?

Jack said...


You want to have cake and eat it too. One needs to bear a little pain to enjoy rains. But what you said about riding two wheeler in such conditions is so true.

Take care

Harman said...

Agree,, the only difference here ...its four wheeler (car) but frm parking lot to my office its bad!

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