The War Is Still ON!

 Since the day HE has seen this Micromax A70, he is like I want to buy one!Well, even I loved it. The ad is just so tempting.And it makes you feel like its "hum jaise gareebon ka messiah"

And since then he is trying to convince me, for obvious reason ... FUNDING ;)

Just like another day and his convincing strategies he started ... It would be so nice na you already have A60 and I would have A70! Would be cool na?

My answer was.. It's sounding like we are either twins or brother & sister!

Need to maintain our relationship dear ; )

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Vrij said...

You have an A60? Can you write a post giving its review? And another one if your fellow gets an A70. So difficult to get authentic reviews for the product.

midynasty said...


Haddock said...

Ha ha like that hair dryer thing....

Reema said...

so who won?

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