Human Psychology

Human Psychology is just so simple

If you have a problem and even your neighbor is either having the same or a bigger problem then, for you, your problem is redundant!!
But if he is not having any problem then your problem get onto your nerves!!

Just few days back, when my lappy was showing some "tunnel adapter connections" and I was thinking to figure it out , before I could react my hubby types in those words into google and there it was pages with problem and solutions and those frown lines faded!!

I was so chill-axed that no I m not the only one who has this issue ... there are 'n' number of people!!

Like how much satisfaction we can get if the other person is also in same trouble! The feeling of "Not being Alone" or "feeling of kaminapanti"

This reminds me of a dialogue of 3 Idiots

Jab Dost fail hota hain toh Dukh hota hain par agar woh TOP karta hain to usse bhi jyada DUKH hota hain 

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Red Handed said...

loved reading this..and awwwww on the last two lines!

Amigo said...

Hi,I love to read all your posts..its just awesome .:) In short i am becoming a big fan of your writing!!!

Easy Cool said...

very nice blog ...
i love blog...

Jack said...


Hope you had good celebrations on Janamasthami. Ghalib shair was good and realistic. Did you use that gun for hair dryer? Everyone wants to preserve his or her life but do they ever think when they kill someone?
True, own problems are almost forgotten if you see someone else having same or bigger one.

Take care

Sarah said...

Hi Chakoli!

Wondering if Ua okay.. it's been over a month U'ven't posted.. hope to see ur new posts soon ;)

Anonymous said...

good one - pl continue

Jack said...


How often do you check your mail?

Take care

Reema said...

very true!

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