Its been a while that I posted something…

The reason…. Or the excuse … would it be enough to say that I was busy? Or if I be honest… my laziness overpowered  my  good conscious of being a writer  and kept on repeating

“You are so busy” You are so busy….

But finally today I defeated my laziness!!!


Few days back I realized…

that if somebody scolds you/hits you/hurts you , you react in a similar fashion. But if somebody shows a concern/care/love to you … you mostly ignore it or if  you know that person than you take it for granted and if he is  a stranger you think he is about to con you.

After marriage

I have gained 7 kgs weight. Tooo much!!  Didn’t knew… life settlement can be more like heavy weight body!! ;)

I also feel I have started behaving like those married woman… who with female collegues every eveining discuss some or the other new recipe . I have also started watching Parvarish aired on Sony and it’s like ….
Mera serial nikal jayega!!

Every morning when I wake up… its like

 aaj brkfast and khane mein kya banau? 
Earlier I used to think… which dress I would wear today? ;) See the change ;)

Now, even when I save just 5 bucks I feel so happy!! Its like… chalo gaddi mein hawa bharwane ke liye bach gaya ;)

But I also enjoy when I meet up somebody and they say… oh you doesn’t at all look like you are married! (Yes mine is a child marriage );)

Whatever its fun… with piyaji and married life  :))

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Red Handed said...

awwwwww. I have missed your posts soo much! And 7 kg! Gym join karlo..meine kiya hai..One hr for urself, is good.
Anf parvarish? heeheheheehehheeheh

Smita said...

Wait! Did I miss the Mrrg announcement or is it only now that you are annoucning it??

Whatever it is a biiiiiig congrats :-)

Mrrg does change and weight to badhta hi hai :(


Chakoli said...

@Red Handed

nopes I just posted it :) few mins back u didnt missed it :D

yay yay... even that struggle is ON to REDUCE weight!!! ;)

yups its lol ;)

Chakoli said...


nopes I annpouced it quite earlier... its now a year that I gt married.... you might have missed it ... better late than never :D :D

I knw weight to badta hi hain... but I want to reduce it:(

Bikramjit said...

welcome back :)

and 7KGs hmm well it shows you are enjoying married life I bet eating a lot he he he

and serial dont tell me :) you can use that time in a better way he he he he


Dr Roshan R said...

haha... easy to say "time to lose weight".. but as a guy who has never been able to lose weight EVER, all i can say is "you can lose weight by sending me the food " :D

Good to see ya after awhile...

Prashant Bhardwaj said...


Enjaai the married life! Its a bitter sweet experience :)

Chakoli said...


hehehehhe hehehehe..
after every statement you have put "hehehehe".... what is that suppose to mean?

Chakoli said...

@Dr R

I know... but I have reduced 1 kg.... I know... its tough but if you want u can :D :D

that saturation has to be attained :D :D

Chakoli said...


yes yes... bitter sweet... but thats teh FUN part :D

TD23 said...

"Every morning when I wake up… its like
aaj brkfast and khane mein kya banau?
Earlier I used to think… which dress I would wear today? ;) See the change ;)" hahaha that speaks volume of the change marriage can bring:) glad to see your posts back:))

Harman said...

congrats you have joined the league ... "married women"and lemme tell you ...your newly found status tells me you r very much into it..
good job!!
enjoy...keep smiling!

Jigyasa said...

Loved your post! Could Resonate with each word :)

Sam said...

Badhaiyaa :)

Little bit late, but better late than never.

Turned out to blog after ages :)

Reema said...

hehehe very true :) ahh weight gain..truth of married life. I watch Saathiya :D :D

khushi said...

i like your posts! :)

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