Cricket Commentary

I started my second innings thinking that I would score a double century like Sehwag but again it turned out to be Zaheer Khan on crease with just one "chauka" (four) and next bowl straight to the fielder and HoWZZZAAT!

Okies...So that was my life's commentary :)

And I know... Life would go on like that...lost in celebration of fours and sixes and we keep on missing "singles"!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Bikramjit said...

so veyr true .. but then not to worry a couple more FOURS and a SIXES will get the Average just FINE ...

you take care


Ellen said...

Hi Chakoli,

Thanks for your love visit to my blog. And I wish you the best in this Holiday Season for you and your family. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


P.S. Know that you are missed. :-)

Red Handed said...

We do fail to count the singles as achievements!!
One awesome thought!!

deepazartz said...

Dear Chakoli

Beautifully said! We do forget the singles many-a-times...human tendency 'haps. As Bikram pointed out, few 4s and 6s are always welcome too:)

ps:Thanks a lot for your occasional visits and comments. They do mean a lot! Thanks dear:)))

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012!

Dark Heart 2011 said...

Happy Holiday !!!

Nice articles. I'm just blogwalking and very happy to stop here. And also give you some comment here.

Dont forget to give us some your comment into my blog too.

Harman said...

love the single part
:) lolxx

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