You Learn a Lesson Everyday!

Why is it that we like some people so much?  We get attracted to them ,not necessarily in what the law of attraction conveys i.e. love,sexual,marriage ! But just in general... the fondness we have for some people.

It can't be explained but just today I was remembering many such people who influenced me in some or the other way and I liked them no matter what others said about them. Those are the people in your life who apart from your family help you to grow.I never was able to justify that liking but it happened.

  • My Primary class friend , I don't know where is he but I always know I'll meet him.
  • My Class 2 class teacher, she was an inspiration for me and how much she used to boost me for my dance , I would never forget that ... mein teri dushmann dushmann tu mera dance ...
  • My hindi teacher, even she left school before I did, but it was fun with her. How simply she used to put things ... be it about hindi lessons or about life!
  • One of my senior, she got her rib fractured and docter said its impossible for her to ever sit by herself and today she is an IPS officer.
  • One of my client in London, I dont know but the glow and smile he had on his face ! Never got that shiny face ever. HE used to reflect what he was, so truthful and responsible and so intelligent. When we used to talk to him ... it used to make us relaxed... I dont know but he had that those positive vibes!
There are some nameless individuals as well, whom we meet in our daily life ... can't mention all those but everyday there is some "new lesson" to learn from somebody.
Somebody is waiting there to teach you... for a lifetime!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Red Handed said...

mein teri dushman..dushman tu mera dance :P

its true that some people just touch your life....the way even the close ones dont.


Ellen said...

That is so true. Every person leaves his footprints in the heart. :-)

Chakoli said...

@Red Handed

yeah... that was the item number of dat time :)

yeah thats there :) some people are just countless..

Chakoli said...


yeah so true!

Jzt4me said...

U r so true...How the most unexpected people leave a mark in ur life is really intriguing...Yes, even I have many such characters in my life, who just pass by and lo & behold, we tend not to forget those few moments with them... is indeed full of surprises...we never know whom we meet the next moment that could change our life...

Thanks for visiting my page...Hope to see u there...

Bikramjit said...

yes I strongly beleive that we learn something new each day, Life in itslef teaches us a lot .. we jsut got to keep our eyes open to notice ..

And friends are the best , we are known more by the company we keep ..


Anonymous said...

What a sweet thought :) Just remembered that dance and how all of us were crazy to do that nagin dance...hehehe.

Reema said...

Very true! so many people come in our lives and touch us in different ways. p.s. it should be doctor not docter.

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