Lucky Me!

I still remember
The day I met you

The "crush" I had on you...
All my dreams were about to come true...

But then ..
I started drifting to a place
Where there was no faith.
there were sorrows and pain..

And then you came
Always I dreamt of a guy who
Could turn all the grey to blue,
Not the one who can fetch
stars and moon

But the one who can turn
All of my fears
Into happy tears.

And that guy is you

You took away my pain
and drove me insane
You would sweep me off my feet
And just like me for what I'm.

You captured my heart
And I know
You never ever would tear it apart.

Always I dreamt of a guy
Who would want to fall in love
And say, "I love you."

And that guy is you!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Bikramjit said...

Now make sure He read this :)
I am sure he will be chuffed at reading it and flying on the clouds :)


Anonymous said...

Awww I felt like this once <3

Chakoli said...


Yes I did followed ur advice :)

Chakoli said...


wooow thats a grt feeling isnt?

Anonymous said...

Yes I love your posts!

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